Name of Opener Type for Plastic Bottles you can Open with your Teeth?

I can’t perform a google search for the specific type of plastic water bottle (say, for a bicyclist) that I want which you can open without using your hands, such as placing the top in your mouth and pulling it open with your teeth.

If you’ve tried searching for bike or other plastic bottles with google or amazon, you’ll see hundreds or more results, but no way to narrow it down by how it opens.

Here are some photos of the types of bottles which open the way I want:

Rolling Sands 24oz Drink Bottles

CamelBak Podium Big Chill 25oz Insulated Water Bottle

I’m not very fond of either one of the above models, but unless I can specifically search for drinking bottles that can open with one’s teeth, I can’t find any bottles that I might prefer.

Any ideas on what that type of opener is called?


Maybe valve or spigot?

I did a google image search on bicycle water bottle and got a variety of results.

A bit of google image search makes it look like they’re called push-pull caps.

Some bottles of water have push/pull lids already in place. Just grab one of those and reuse it.

I’ve generally heard those referred to as “sports caps”. Including by manufacturers. (I know because I’ve been in the market for plastic-free ones)

The British Soft Drinks Association, however, calls them “Push Pull Sports Closures”. What, did you miss the word British, there? :slight_smile:

There are also bite valves, especially for bicycling.

I’m sure I’ve seen Gatorade bottles with similar caps (though you hold the cap with your teeth and twist the bottle to open rather than pull) labeled as “sports cap” or “sports bottle”.

edit: I should have noted, my favorite type of reusable bottle along these lines are the Camelbak type, which have a soft silicone bit on top that you gently “bite” with your teeth to hold it open while you drink from it like a straw.

Sport Caps.

So it looks like they haven’t really been around long enough for there to be a commonly accepted generic name. Most manufacturers are still doing their own thing with labeling.