Name of the 80's(?) grrl punk movie?

I’m looking for the name of a movie, from ten, twenty years ago. It was about a girl who rose to fame in music, and had all sorts of girl followers who dressed identically to her, and (I think) called themselves by her name. Her name may have been the name of the movie…

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous StainsTotal sleeper. If you ever find a bootleg, snag it; this film has never been released on VHS or DVD.

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

Damn, too late again.

Heh. My First Simulpost!

Now that that’s out of the way, has anyone seen it anywhere lately? It was too good a film to be buried like it has been. I would love to see it again. It was probably the best of the 80’s music flicks. Watching Diane Lane in Streets of Fire was painful in comparision.

There’s a point in the movie where she looks out over the crowd of appreciative copycats and is overwhelmed, and just says, “You guys…” Right?

…well if it weren’t for the music aspect I’d say it sounds like “The Legend of Billie Jean”. About a teen girl (played by Supergirl) who goes on the run from the law with some friends (Christian Slater and Lisa from the Simpsons). She inspires teenage girls to dress like her and at the end there’s a large, I guess you could call it, Billie Jean rally and a giant statue of her is erected.

There were two actual 80s punk bands called The Stains. Both all-male. One of them moved from Texas to California and changed the name to MDC, and is (comparitively) much better known.

What about that movie where the girls in Manhattan dressed up in garbage bags? That was an 80’s young-girl-with-followers thing. Can’t remember the name.

The movie I was thinking of is called “Times Square” (1980). Tim Curry is in it.

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And the soundtrack album was amazing. Pretty much everything on it, with the exception of the songs written for the film, was a must-have track from the punk/early new wave era, including:
[li]“Talk of the Town”, Pretenders [/li][li]“Same Old Scene”, Roxy Music [/li][li]“Down in the Park”, Gary Numan [/li][li]“Life During Wartime”, Talking Heads [/li][li]“Pretty Boys”, Joe Jackson [/li][li]“Take This Town”, XTC [/li][li]“I Wanna Be Sedated”, Ramones[/li][li]“Babylon’s Burning”, Ruts [/li][li]“Walk on the Wild Side”, Lou Reed [/li][li]“Innocent, Not Guilty”, Garland Jeffreys[/li][li]“Grinding Halt”, Cure[/li][li]“Pissing in the River”, Patti Smith[/li][/ul]

Sigh To late to mention Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains OR Times Square.

I don’t know if you’re really thinking of Billie Jean, RM, but either way LAGTFS was a better movie. Not that you will be able to find out…I can’t believe it’s never been released on VHS/DVD. Hey, half the Clash was in it! And Diane Lane giving head in the shower (assuming you might find that sort of thing appealing).

As for Time Square it’s a terrible movie. I mean I LOVE it. But it’s a pretty bad movie. With an amazing soundtrack.

Since I didn’t get to mention anything else anyone remember Smithereens? I keep meaning to look for it. Another story of a punk rock girl in NYC. That I saw when I was in high school wanting to be a punk rock girl in NYC. I recall at one point she lives in a van with her boyfriend in an abandon lot. And later I lived in a van with my boyfriend in a van in an abandon lot! yes, my mother was very proud. (oh, and it had Richard Hell in it.)

big van. Anybody remember the “you guys…” quote? Or am I misremembering?

This doesn’t happen.

This does.

My favorite was “We’re The Stains, and we don’t put out”.

Did anybody catch this at IMDB? Making of "Ladies and Gentelmen, the Fabulous Stains


It’s “Im perfect! But nobody in this shithole gets me, because I don’t put out!” Delivered by Diane Lane in her first big on-stage rant.

Huh? “This “making of…” is featured as an extra on the ‘Rainbow Man, John 3:16’ documentary DVD.”

Rainbow Man, John 3:16