Name some olympic sports you might have been a contender in had you persued them.

For me it’d be Badminton and maybe archery.

As I watched the British Team almost get Gold today it occured to me that that could have been me (in an alternate universe)

Many many years ago at school we got to choose which sport we would do during PE. I chose badminton, and turned out to be quite good at it. It was the first time I ever enjoyed doing PE (Physical Education) I loved playing that game!

Now if I had picked up on the fact that I was good at it, and persued it further I might, just might have been a contender. And in the world of fantasy I might even have qualified for the olympics.

The reason I mention archery is because I was a pretty good shot with a catapult and all other tests of aim (bb guns, air rifles, computer shooting games) I had a flair for shooting when the aim was right (not trying to get the aim right but merely waiting for the aim to be right, as I knew humans had a natural shakiness in their aim)

If the Winter Olympics count I was best at Freestyle Skiing: Moguls. I never really knew how to pursue it though. There wasn’t really a team anywhere close to where I live.

Rifle shooting.

I was on the shooting team at my university and competed in various national matches as well. I did try out at one point (about 1983 or 4) for the national team but missed making the team by a few points. Still, the woman who was shooting next to me at the tryouts won a gold for us at the 1984 Olympics.

But then reality reared its ugly head. A job took a lot of time from practice, and my beautiful match rifle and other equipment was eventually sold because I wasn’t using it.

Oh well. I still shoot from time to time–a farmer friend occasionally asks me to sight in his varmint rifle. But that’s about it nowadays.

I just remembered. I’d like to add discus to my list. I absolutely wiped the floor with other competetors at school. But ‘sports day’ was volountary and at the time I wasn’t remotely interested.

I might have been good at javellin too.

In fact I was pretty stupid as a kid for not being interested in sports as there are loads that in later life I became interested in and wished I’d done in teams, and in some cases would have been good at. Those were cricket, football (defence or as a striker, not midfield) rugby, badminton, discus, etc…


Ski shooting. (as opposed to skeet shoo… aw, never mind.)
But really, I had a stamina at speed that blew away any of my friends at X-country and I’m still the best shot I know. I actually got to train at a couple of CO X-country areas when I lived there.

Truth be told, though… world class? Probably would never have come close. Not only because I started too late, but those Olympians are supermen. Still, nice to think about it.

Any chance of backgammon becoming an Olympic sport? No? OK then I will just watch in imaginary land too.

400M Hurdles.

When I was in the 8th grade, I did track. I was never really good. I was in that small spot where I was better than the average person, but not as good as the real athletes. I just loved the sport. Loved the comraderie between my runner friends, so I would try and do whatever event was available, and they only had the 200M Hurdles. I did that at a meet. And the first time I ever did, I got first place. I went into the regional meet with the fastest time. But, I did my other teamates a favor and ran 3rd leg in the 4X1 relay, which was right before my event. So I ran for them. I was then to tired to do my event, and I got into 4th place. I quit after that.

Now that I think about it, I should have continued to try. I was a natural at that event, and I would have worked to 400. Three hundred in high school, and four hundred in college. If I would have kept at it, and not quit, I may very well be an Olympian.

I loved soccer as a kid, was pretty good at it, but gave it up when I got into my teens. I think if I’d taken up volleyball then, instead of in my mid-twenties, that I’d be pretty damn good at it. Not olympic level, but pretty damn good.

MaxBabe on the other hand, would’ve played hockey in the Sydney olympics if she hadn’t retired when she did. Sadly, professional hockey doesn’t pay much in australia :frowning:

Anything involving the guns. I’ve been shooting for about 20 years now, and can hold my own, though I don’t practice as often as Olympians nor organized club members in my area. But I’m pretty damn good with the firearms (rifle, pistol and shotguns)

And Football (American). When are we gonna got this added? For Christ’s sake, badminton is a medal event!

(This is assuming we’d qualify for the team if we had years of intense training, right?)

Well there are not as many countries that play AMERICAN football. :smiley:

What, I can’t for a guaranteed gold? Why the hate, brother? Why the hate?

That’s hope for… :smack:

No hate…you called Kiwis hot :smiley: But You got basketball, shitloads of swimming, truckloads of track and random other things. We need some scraps :slight_smile:

Even Eric Cartman couldn’t laugh as hard as I am right now. Fuck Iverson! I, for the first time in my life, am cheering against the US team.

Mind control does work after all! :smiley:

must worship calm kiwi
must worship calm kiwi
must worship calm kiwi

Huh? Wha…?

Shit! It works better then I thought.

Now Go vote for Kerry :smiley:

Way to break a spell! :stuck_out_tongue:

Bugger! That’s me…always pushing my luck. :slight_smile:

If there was one, it’d be tennis.