Name/source needed of a prop for play

A friend is directing a play locally. The play is Don Juan and in a scene the devil produces a contract for Don Juan to sign. He wants the contract to magically pop out of the Devil’s sleeve and into his hand. I can’t for the life of me think of google terms to search for such a device. I have seen them in numerous movies for knives and other items.

Any Hints?

I’ve heard it called a “Sleeve Spring”, but not by magicians. One name for the procedure is “Sleeve Production”, and you can google for that on magic sites.

(Stage) Magician supply companies?

A “holdout”?

Rubber band?

The contract is in the form of a scroll, held/stiffened at each end by a rod. Loop the band (the large sort that hold lettuce and escarole in the supermarket) around the wrist, covered by the devil’s glove. Drag the end down the inside of the wrist. Loop the end of the rubber band around a knob on the end of the rod. Keep the other end of the rod pressed down by the heel of the palm until the appropirate moment.

Or visit the closest magic store.