Name that album (with very little info)

I have no expectations that anyone will able to help me, but I thought I’d give it a shot…

There was an album released in the late 90’s by an all-female band (punk/alternative rock). The album had all the girls on the front plus one dude who was a waiter with a bowtie and no shirt…

Does that ring ANY bells?

Sorry I cannot remember any more details…I know you could buy the CD from Amazon, so the group wasn’t that obscure…thanks!

How many girls?

Color picture or b&w?

American band or UK or Japanese or other?

I did some searching, including looking thru some of the more obscure Riot Grrrrl bands in my own collection but so far I got nothin’. Need more info to try and narrow it down.

How did you hear about this band? Did you hear a song on the radio?

The picture is in color. If I recall correctly, the lettering is in purple. The scene looks like a backyard or a small outdoor eating section. I really cannot remember much about what everyone else in the picture is doing, but the waiter is center/top right facing forward. I believe holding a tray outward.

The band is American, I think from east coast - Boston or NY. Three to four girls.

I know of them from college. I graduated in 2000…I can’t remember any songs or lyrics…just that I liked it.

Also, I found it on Amazon like a year+ ago (I’m kicking myself for not buying it)…if there was a way to view past looked-at items, I could find it.

I have a feeling that it might be former Boston band Heidi’s self-titled cd, which would be a shame since it’s impossible to find - around 5 years ago one of the girls was selling off the CDs but had already run out by the time I found out. I can’t even find a picture of the cover art to confirm that it’s their cd I’m thinking of. All I have of them is a single from their 2002 follow up Can’t Wait cd called “People We Hate,” which was possibly on Heidi, too.

Anyway, they were a 4 piece all-girl punk band (Lisa Pimentel, Jilly B, Sandy Monticello & Janet Egan) that was active from the late 90s to early 2000s.

I was thinking of the band “Belly” but a wiki search showed no people on their album covers…

Here’s a video from Heidi. Maybe the OP can recognize them and tell us if this is the right band.

Do you remember if this band was on the Lilith Faire circuit? That’s one way to narrow the field.

the only all girl band from around that era I can think of is ‘The Donnas’. from memory they were kind of punk/rock-y (ish)

maybe that’ll help, maybe not…

Aye, but none of their album covers are conceptual like the one PJ described. They were my first thought too, but a quick look at my shelves showed they didn’t fit the bill.

The Lunachicks “Luxury Problem”

Good album!

I believe you are thinking of Lunachicks.

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I keep Lunachicks in my playlists. Theo is radical.

The Lunachicks

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Looking at it now, I can see a few places my memory failed…but it was no match for you two…

Thank you very very much!!!