Name that Flick ??

I’ve lost a movie name. I also can’t think of the name of either the leading lady or the leading man. :rolleyes: I’m fairly certain it would have been a late 70’s movie.
It’s a comedy. The leading man is a famous comedian, so much so that you will mock me when his name is revealed.

In it a man is kidnapped by some semi-lunatics in a Think Tank. They put him in a sensory deprivation tank for an insane period of time and then try to convince him he’s a genius. His very grounded girlfriend (who I think was in “The Electric Company”) sneaks into the place trying to get him back to reality.

At one point he falls in love with the computer that runs the place. The computer looks like a big white cell phone.

Quotes I seem to recall:

“I do not know what I do not know”

Her: “You are not from Out of Space! ! !”
Him: “Out-ER space, Out-ER Space.”

Anybody know it?


That was my guess as well.

I love you guys. thank you!

Seriously, Four. minutes.

Alan Arkin? Really?
Well that was a lame mocking. Next!

Can anyone ask about a different movie title? (Or should I start a new thread?)

I’m looking for a “big” movie from the 1960’s (about 1968) that was set in a large city, focusing on some kind of cover up about an abortion doctor (it must have been illegal to perform abortions there). It starred some famous actors, but I have no names to go on.

I remember my mother taking us kids to it, thinking it’s a family movie, but she whisked us out about 3/4 the way through when the topic came up.

Any ideas?

In my defense, he had hair in this movie, which threw me off. :wink:

Maybe The Carey Treatment(1972) which I believe was partly based on the Michael Crichton book A Case of Need.

And for a looooong shot: Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting (1969)

Yes, that’s it - thanks, I’ve been trying to find the name for years.

Now, who’s next?

The line I remember from that otherwise-forgettable movie was, “The Richard Nixon who went to China was not the Richard Nixon who came back.”

And the “Electric Company” prediction was spot-on, too…Judy Graubart was a cast member for the entire run.