Name that sex. (And age.)

This is kind of an informal survey. For the following names, please list whether your first thought is whether the name belongs to a male or a female. In some cases, the age of the person will be pertinent, so add that, too.


Thanks to all who participate.

Alexi - Male 30
Bailey - female 16
Beryl - female 60
Chris - male 25
Dakota -female 10
Dylan - male 35
Jewel - female 25
Jordan - female 18
Kyle - male 18
Remi - female 13
Riley - male 20
Pat - male 40
Taylor - male 16

Alexi - male, 40ish - I cannot conceive this as an actual name, but for the existence of Alexi Lalas
Bailey - female, 18
Beryl - female, 70
Chris - male, 25
Dakota - female, 12
Dylan - male, 18
Jewel - female, 30
Jordan - female, 15
Kyle - male, 25
Remi - Again, this is a name? Except this time I don’t know (of) one.
Riley - female, 15
Pat - male, 35
Taylor - male, 25

I’ve given general ages… I hope that’s ok.

Alexi - Male 30-ish
Bailey - Male 30-ish
Beryl - Female 50-ish
Chris - Male 21 (because that’s me ;))
Dakota - Female Tween
Dylan - Female Teenager
Jewel - Female 20-ish
Jordan - Female 30-ish
Kyle - Male 40-ish
Remi - Female Teenage (but i’ve never heard the name before)
Riley - Male 30-ish
Pat - Female 60-ish
Taylor - Female Teenager

What’s this all for?

I can see some of these being different based on the age range so: First thoughts are bold in the cases that can go either way for me.

Alexi - boy 30 and over
Bailey - girl 20 and under
Beryl - girl 60+
Chris - boy
Dakota - girl 15 and under
Dylan - 15 and under= girl 25+ = boy
Jewel - girl 30
Jordan - boy born before 1995, girl -14
Kyle - boy 15
Remi - boy 25
Riley - over 18 is boy, 16- girlPat girl 40s
Taylor - over 25 = boy, under = girl

Alexi - teenage girl
Bailey - 4-year-old girl
Beryl - 70-year-old man
Chris - 30-year-old woman (her real name is Christine)
Dakota - 7-year-old boy
Dylan - 10-year-old boy
Jewel - 12-year-old girl
Jordan - 5-year-old girl
Kyle - 8-year-old boy
Remi - 45-year-old man (my mechanic, for example)
Riley - 6-year-old girl
Pat - 50-year-old woman
Taylor 32-year-old man

But my prediction is:

these will all turn out to be kids in a preschool class, probably all girls too am I close?

Without looking at other people’s answers:

Alexi – Female. Probably young.
Bailey – Male, could be any age.
Beryl – Female, probably 60+
Chris – Probably male, could be any age.
Dakota – Female, very young (under 15)
Dylan – Male, probably under 40
Jewel – Female, young-ish.
Jordan – Probably male. Under 40.
Kyle – Male, young-ish.
Remi – Male, French
Riley – Not sure.
Pat – Could be almost any age or either sex, depending on what it’s short for.
Taylor – I’d probably guess female, definitely young.

Somehow I forgot Pat. Girl 50s.


And I forgot Madison. (If that changes anything.)

And now I see Pat wasn’t forgotten in my previous post. Now she’s 10 years older too.

Yes, Remi is a name. In my world, it’s the name of a Hispanic* guy who’s about 25.

*Mentioned because I assumed it was a Spanish name based on that.

Madison - Girl 7

Answering this before reading any of the other responses…

Alexi–either a Russian guy or a youngish (American) girl
Bailey–a teenage or younger girl
Beryl–an old lady
Chris–could go either way, over a huge range of ages
Dakota–a pre-teen girl
Dylan–a pre-teen boy (or I guess a very yuppie girl with a sister named Madison)
Jewel–a woman, either 60+ years old or 20s and under
Jordan–a teenage or younger boy
Kyle–a 20s-ish man
Remi–I’ve never heard this name before. I guess female?
Riley–20s or younger, either male or female
Pat–like Chris, could go either way. I picture this name with an older demographic, 30s and up.
Taylor–same as Riley.

Edited to add that I put that part about Madison before reading Hilarity N. Suze’s post about it. Ha!

Posted without reading the rest of the thread:

Alexi - female, 22
Bailey - female, 17
Beryl - female, 64
Chris - male, 35
Dakota, female, 10
Dylan, male, 14
Jewel, female, 18
Jordan, female, 16
Kyle, male, 20
Remi, female, 4
Riley, female, 6
Pat, male, 52
Taylor, female, 18

Full disclosure: most of these sound like grade school or high school kids’ names to me. But then, I’m pretty old.

Alexi - A girl, around…oh, say 22
Bailey - The first thing I think of is a beagle dog with a bandana. Is that weird or what?
Beryl - Woman in her fifties/early sixties. Grandmotherly type.
Chris - Guy, early to mid thirties, looks young for his age (yes, “The Sopranos” has influenced me too much…)
Dakota - Ten year old girl
Dylan - Guy in his twenties/thirties
Jewel - Woman in her early thirties
Jordan - Woman, twenty something
Kyle - Guy, basically any age
Remi - Girl, twentysomething
Riley - Girl, late twenties
Pat - Woman, thirty/forty something
Taylor - Girl, child…maybe eight to ten?

Alexi - Male, 26
Bailey - Female, 8
Beryl - Male, 80+
Chris - Male or Female, 30-40
Dakota - Female, 9
Dylan - Male, 13
Jewel - Female, 23
Jordan - Male, 15
Kyle - Male, 22
Remi - Female, 17
Riley - Female, 5
Pat - Female, mid-40s
Taylor - Male, 19
Madison - Female, 4-7

I could see most of these being names of current pre-schoolers/Kindergarteners. Not Pat or Beryl, though.

If this is just casual interest, the best selling book Freakonomics has a whole section devoted to it with lots of interesting commentary. I was reading it this afternoon so I won’t answer because I think mine would be tainted.

Alexi: male, various ages
Bailey: (these days) girl, toddler to early teens, yuppie
Beryl: female, middle age
Chris: gender neutral, all ages
Dakota: female, toddler to 10 years old
Dylan: male, elementary school aged
Jewel: female, elementary school aged or young stripper
Jordan: gender neutral, male- twenties, female- middle school aged
Kyle: male, teens to early twenties
Remi: male
Riley: has recently become gender neutral, male- late forties or later, female- toddler
Pat: female, soccer mom type
Taylor: gender neutral, female- early twenties/late teens, male- elementary school aged

Alexi–female 7 yo
Bailey–female 20 yo (Bailey Quarters, Oh yeah)
Chris–male any age
Dakota–female 16
Dylan–male 10 yo
Jewel–female 21
Jordan–male 5 yo
Kyle–male 8 yo
Remi–female 2 yo
Riley–male 35
Pat–either 20
Taylor–female 16

SSG Schwartz

Alexi - male, 30, Russian
Bailey - female, 7
Beryl - female, 70
Chris - male, 30
Dakota - female, 5
Dylan - male, 5
Jewel - female, any age up to 40
Jordan - male, 10
Kyle - male, 20
Remi - male, 50, French
Riley - male, 3 or under
Pat - female, 60
Taylor - female, 10

Dammit! Above post is me, not Left Hand.

Alexi: Male, 40s
Bailey: Female, 30s
Beryl: Female, 60s
Chris: Male
Dakota: Female, teens
Dylan: Male, 20s-30s
Jewel: Female, late teens/early 20s
Jordan: Male, teens to 20s
Kyle: Male
Remi: The hell? No idea. We’ll say female. And super young, like under 10.
Riley: Riley’s a dog’s name, not a person’s.
Pat: Male
Taylor: Female, teens

ETA: I used to have a dog named Riley, hence my reasoning above.