Name that sex. (And age.)

Shannon is a very unusual name for a boy. The vast majority of us are female, and I’ve only met one boy with my name my entire life (and even then his actually name is Shenandoah), and have only been told of one other. Both boys reportedly hated the name, so if you use and that jives with the guy you know you might want to keep that in mind for a personality trait :slight_smile:

Alexi, f, 1
Bailey, f, 12
Beryl, f, 95
Chris, m or f, 50
Dakota, f, 15
Dylan, m, 40
Jewel, f, 30
Jordan, m, 20
Kyle, m, 25
Remi, f, 1
Riley, m, 30
Pat, m or f, 60
Taylor, f, 30

Alexi, female, 11
Bailey, female, 9
Beryl, male, 65
Chris, male, 35
Dakota, male, 8
Dylan, male, 5
Jewel, female, 23
Jordan, male, 10
Kyle, male, 15
Remi, female, 30
Riley, female, 14
Pat, male, 40
Taylor, male, 12

Alexi - Girl, under 10

Bailey - Girl, under 10 (but wouldn’t throw me if it belong to a boy)

Beryl - Never heard of it. Suppose I would guess male…not sure about age, so probably older, 60s?

Chris - Male. Any age. (only a girl if it’s a nickname, but then also any age)

Dakota - Girl, under 15 or so

Dylan - Male any age or girl under 10

Jewel - Girl. 20s

Jordan - Either boy or girl. under 30

Kyle - Male. Under 30

Remi - Male. teens.

Riley - I’d think boy first, Under 20. Wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a girl, but I’d guess she’d be slightly younger.

Pat - Women, 40s or 50s. Man, 60s or 70s.

Taylor - Hmmm, could go either way. If older than 20, I’d probably think male first. If younger, probably female first.

Madison - Girl under 15

It sounds like you want a name that most people would first think male, but that might also work for a female.
In that case, from your suggestions, I vote for Dylan and Kyle, which it sounds like most people’s first instinct is to associate with a male, but wouldn’t be too weird belonging to a 20 something girl. (I’ve never heard of a female Kyle of any age, but it sounds like the kind of name that could work)
Also, if you changed it to Alex, I think that would work well, too, although then you’d have the same problem as Chris with it being a nickname for a girl.


Kyle is the most masculine of all these names. I have met one female Kyle (in a dance class a decade ago) and even she thought of it as a prevalently masculine name.

Beryl is the oldest. The youngest anyone said a Beryl could be was 45, a few said 50, and Beryl is probably female.

Dakota is the youngest, and most likely female; I think 17 was the oldest anyone said.

ETA: I see there are some new ones. Haven’t checked if that changes anything (not that I’ve said anything).

Alexi - F
Bailey - M
Beryl - F
Chris - M
Dakota - F
Dylan - M
Jewel - F
Jordan - M
Kyle - M
Remi - F
Riley - M
Pat - F
Taylor - M

I’m female, 26.
Oh wait, the ages of the names? Misread the OP, I guess.

Alexi - F (15)
Bailey - hmmm I think that’s a male dog
Beryl - F (75-85)
Chris - F (45)
Dakota - F (15)
Dylan - M (18)
Jewel - F (7)
Jordan - M (20)
Kyle - M (25)
Remi - M (10)
Riley - F (5)
Pat - F (50)
Taylor - F (20)

Alexi- Male 33
Bailey- Female 20
Beryl- Female 30
Chris- Male That could cross a large spectrum… 30’s
Dakota- Male 30
Dylan- Male 35
Jewel- Female 35
Jordan- Female 30
Kyle- Male 30
Remi- Female 10
Riley-Male 10
Pat- Male 30
Taylor- Female 20

I’m probably the world’s worst at this. When I first came to the SDMB, I thought DavidB and Gaudere were male lovers. And I’ve had more he-she assumption errors than probably anyone else on the board. So, here’s the take from a social idiot.

Alexi — F, 27
Bailey — F, 42
Beryl — M, 60
Chris — M, 30
Dakota — F, 12
Dylan — M, 19
Jewel — F, 23
Jordan — F, 25
Kyle — M, 22
Remi — M, 12
Riley — M, 55
Pat — M, 22
Taylor — M, 40

Alexi F20
Bailey F45
Beryl M60
Chris M40
Dakota F10
Dylan M35
Jewel F19
Jordan F25
Kyle M40
Remi M25, eh?
Riley F25
Pat F50
Taylor M50 or F20