Name that song: Asian band on US tv in '60s.

I was watching a channel of late and they had a Best Of Ed Sullivan show on and they had a band from either Hawaii or somewhere in the Far East playing a rock and roll song. I thought the main lyrical hook was “blue moon, blue shadow” but I couldn’t find anything when I googled that term. The footage seemed to be from the mid-1960s and it wasn’t clear to me whether they were singing in heavily accented English or some Asian language. It was rock, sorta surfy and very melodic and I kinda suspected the band was from Japan but that was only a guess on my part. Anyone know what the heck I am talking about? Thanks in advance.

Could it have been The Association doing “Never My Love” (Ed Sullivan, 1968)?One of the lead singers is of Asian extraction – I think maybe Hawaiian (or Filipino?).

The Tielman Brothers - Dutch Indonesian rockers?

Mobile link:

They totally rock…

Santana’s “Jingo” ???

I bet it’s this band- The Blue Comets- a pretty rockin’ Japanese band from the 60s. They wrote/performed a song called “Blue Chateau”. I can’t find a recording of it from the Ed Sullivan Show, but there are much later performances by the Blue Comets available, including this one.

Yes, this is the one. Thanks everyone!