Name That Tune (III):

I am looking for Names of Songs.

I will give you a hint to the Name of each Song by posting a line taken verbatim from that particular song. It may not be a complete sentence or lyric but it will not be chopped, edited, abbreviated, etc. (I am using three different sites for my source of lyrics.)

All songs have appeared in Billboards Top 100 and Hot 100 countdown. No obscure songs by obscure bands.

EDIT: This time all songs in this quiz have the word “sun” in the title.

Good luck and have fun!

  1. “Forget that love’s a game”
  2. “Give you my dawn surprise”
  3. “Chaos makes perfect sense”
  4. “We eat and drink”
  5. “I know it’s just a song”
  6. “The right romantic line”
  7. "I feel like I’m winning "
  8. “I think that you know what I mean”
  9. “A tale sure to make you”
  10. “And I saw what I had”
  1. Don’t Let the Sun Catch you Crying - Gerry & the Pacemakers
    2.Sunshine of your Love - Cream
  2. Third Rock fron the Sun - Joe Diffie
  3. Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
    5.) Walking on the Sun - Smashmouth
  4. Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me - Elton John
  5. Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot
  6. Sunshine Superman - Donovan
    9.Sunshine on my Shoulders - John Denver
  7. Hard Sun - Indio

Well, that was a fun game, Sparky.

They weren’t that hard, I knew 8 of them off the top and had to think about the others. Sorry.

Damn, that went quick!

New one up in a minute…