Name that tune - obscure!

Okay, this is obscure I know, but in the Sex in the City episode in which Carrie dates ‘The New Yankee’, they are together in a bar when she sees, across the room, Mr. Big. As he walks in slow motion toward them, what is the name/artist of that song? Infectiously catchy. Anybody have it on tape who could check the credits?

If you describe the song a bit (remember any lyrics? what’s the style? who’s it sound like?) you’d extend your pool of possible helpers beyond that segment of the population that happens to have taped the episode.

lissener, I think the song goes like this:
doo daa doo daa daa daa doo doo daa.

Oh, that’s a Frank Sinatra cover of a Police song.

To do is to be
- Descartes

To be is to do

  • Aristotle

Do be do be do be do

  • Sinatra

…or something like that…

You mean the scene in episode 13, from Season 2? “Take Me Out to the Ballgame?” The one written by Michael Patrick King, and directed by Allen Coulter?

No idea. I’ve never seen the show. I don’t have cable.

But, maybe if you checked at the official website, you could find someone who does know. You could even check out the soundtrack.