Name that tune

This tune is a perennial favorite of marching-band trombonists with a little too much spare time in the 3rd quarter of the football game… what is it?

It’s a slight variation of the one I’ve heard, which usually ends in 3 sharp blasts that are usually answered by people yelling “GO TEAM GO”.

The “more info” section of that video, when expanded, says it’s ‘Tuxedo Junction’.

I can say with certainty that it is not Tuxedo Junction, but thanks for taking a stab.

Apparently it’s called “Let’s Go Band II”, a variation on a theme called “Let’s Go Blue” written by one Albert Ahronheim, a University of Michigan drum major.

Link to an official version along with a trainwreck of YouTube comments discussing authorship…

It’s loosely based on Tuxedo Junction, but Glenn Miller would be spinning in his grave, if he had one.

We called that one “Let’s Go Gang,” after the assistant director who wrote us up a version for our HS marching band. He really did say “Let’s go gang!” when trying to keep us in line, and it happened to fit perfectly. I am pretty sure the music had penned at the end “Let’s go Knights!” for us all to yell.

I never knew it was called “Let’s Go Band” - that fits even better with “Let’s Go Gang!” :slight_smile: