SPELL this piece of music (please)

Visiting the folks this weekend, and we were recalling a piece of music played in high school marching band. Phonetically, it was “la Lazy-anne.” We’ve tried all sorts of spelling, but can’t find a reference to it. I don’t think it was obscure, though I do think it was French (if that helps with the spelling).

Can anyone help out? Was this a published piece or something our band leader came up with?




Eight minutes. Gotta love the Dope.

Twoflower = awesome!


Since you’ve gotten an answer you like, I hope this isn’t viewed as a hijack, but I’m sure a new thread on the topic would get zero replies.

There was a tune my high school’s band played called “We Go For Bop!” and I have tried many times to find even a reference to it online, much less some performance of it. I have even checked the bios on the band leader of the day for hopes at least the title of the tune would be mentioned and thereby confirmed as what I remember. I’m almost certain it was composed by the band leader. (I can hum the tune almost to the note!)

Tunes I heard in the long ago, in maybe 90% of the cases, I have managed to find in one form or another on YouTube and nothing gives me a greater thrill.

I just wanted you to know how sympathetic I am to your desire to get that tune resolved in your mind, and how amazed I continue to be at the Dope’s ability to get these things done.

Are you sure it wasn’t a medley of jazz tunes? The title makes me think that may be the case. If you can hum it into one of those hum thingies*, maybe someone will recognize a theme.

*I think that’s the technical term.

I assume this was directed to me. I’m almost certain it was just a tune the leader wrote with “bop” in those days referring to early rock and roll, which was the early term for the genre in my part of the world. The tune did have a jazzy sound, but certainly not Bebop.

I will try one of those “hum thingies” but I’d bet the house on “We Go For Bop” being its title.

I thought the technical term in this context would be thingamabop.