Name that tune!

In this video, at the very beginning and at the 2:00 minute mark, there is a very familiar Latin song, can anybody help?

I searched most of the related videos, but struck out.

Wild guess?

I hadn’t noticed that feature of Youtube before, but below the video there’s an option to buy the tune. I don’t know if that’s the tune though.

Edit…It is. Here’s another link to Chan Chan.

However, that’s a crappy version; I am sure there are better, I’m just in the middle of defending my tacos from the cats, forgive me. :wink:

Ok, better version

mmmm, tacos

Awesome music… thank you so much Taomist!

Even I’ve heard of the Buena Vista Social Club; I think it’s really good music, and thanks for reminding me of them :slight_smile: