Name the camps you won't be sending your kids to

Camp No-See-Ums

Camp Runnamuck

Tough Knuckles Boxing Camp for Girls

Camp Wookie Lacka Nookie

Skull Island Li’l Forensic Camp

Lawrence Welk’s Accordion Rap Experience

Uncle Adolf’s Funtime Nazi Deathmarch camp.

Bernie’s Holiday Camp (the counselors might sleep with my wife and try to kill me)

Camp Lejeune

Camp Mohawk (the bad guys in “Meatballs”)

The camp that has a history of mysterious deaths on a cyclic basis going back to the nineteenth century, and the pattern is due to reoccur this year.

Camp Crystal Lake

Camp Elm Street

Camp Tickmore
Camp Poison Oaks
Camp Neverland Ranch :eek:
Camp Superfund

Why shouldn’t girls learn how to box?

who was it that called Guantanamo Bay a club med?
waterboarding sure sounds like a fun camp activity…think its a kind of surfing or something

Camp Town Races (sing that song!)

Camp Wack-A-Boy.

Camp Brownfields
Camp Luftstalag 17
Camp Bataan
Kamp Kooky Klan
Camp Dahmer
Chuck Manson’s Family FunCamp
Pennywise’s Wacky Summertime Sleepaway Camp
Camp Alamagordo
Camp Cthulhu
Kamp Khmer Rouge
Bon Temps Tonton Macoute Camp
Camp Wacko Jacko
Qamp Al Qaeda
Kamp Krusty

Jesus Camp

Camp Follower
Re-Education Camp

Camp Itchy and Scratchy
Camp Ebophile
Camp Funny Uncle
Camp Lejeune
FDLE Boot Camp

Kamp Uchea? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume the full frontal lobotomies are on the house. “Heyyy, Maaa, luk at my skar…” <drool>

Spaced Camp
Camp Camp
Meth Camp

Well played, sir. Very well played indeed.

:: golf clap ::

Camp Lolita

Kamp Konzentrationslager (Arbeit Macht Macrame)

Camp Lordadaflies

Pipe Camp