Name this 80s/90s canadian/great lakes missionary film...

So my girlfriend has been talking about Ennio Morricone and how his music in The Mission was so great, prompting me to listen to a song from Yo-Yo Ma’s recent release, specifially his cello-laced rendition of Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission.

Though I have indeed seen The Mission, her references had me thinking of a whole different film untill just a few moments ago, when I looked up The Mission on

So what is the movie I’ve been mistakenly thinking of? It has a similar two-word name. “The ________”, of this I’m almost certain.

It was rather dark, set primarily in Canada and/or the Great Lakes region. It follows the trials and tribulations of a missionary, and the most memorable scene I can recall involves when he was captured by an indian tribe. He and other prisoners were kept in wooden pens and chased through these passage ways full of torches and wooden barriers.

The movie poster/video cover was mostly black and/or red (I think), with the face and shoulders of this missionary in his period garb in the foreground.

The story involved a lot of spiritual and economical hypocracy, lots of it involving the trapping and fur industries.

That’s all I’ve got…

I’m thinking it is The Black Robe.

Yes! That’s it. I had to check out the picture of Father Laforgue/Lothaire Bluteau to be sure. That’s not the promotional image I’m familiar with, but we can all see how great my memory is…