Name this actor that always wears the same clothes

I remember, years ago, seeing some TV actor on Letterman discuss how he wears the same exact outfit every day. IIRC, it included a black T-shirt. The actor might have been on Chicago Hope or ER or something similar. Does anyone remember who this is? And I have no idea why I care; it is just one of those unsolved pieces of trivia that haunts my brain.

I don’t know about “black t-shirt guy” but a friend who lived in NYC near Woody Allen said the guy owns about 50 of that same tweed jacket!

Not a clue about the black t-shirt person. The first image to hop into my mind when I saw the thread title was Peter Falk as Columbo with that funky raincoat. I heard somewhere that there were dozens of that same coat, all of which went through some major conditioning including being wadded up and stained with tea, among other things. I also recall that Falk himself selected the coat as a costume staple.

Could the black t-shirt be George Clooney’s by some chance?

I think I remember that Letterman and I want to say it was Mandy Patinkin… maybeee.

Thanks devilsknew. I did a Google image search and I think you’re right. Among the candid pics there is an unusual number of him wearing a black T-shirt. I didn’t realize Inigo Montoya started in Chicago Hope.

Princess Bride came out in 1987. Chicago Hope started in 1994. So actually Dr. Geiger started out as Inigo Montoya.

Actually, Inigo Montoya went to Chicago Hope. Chicago Hope came some years after The Princess Bride.

Incidentally, isn’t Inigo Montoya also known as “The Man in Black”? Maybe there’s a connection? Maybe Mandy adopted the affectation?

Nahh, that’s not right …I think Cary Elwes was the man in black.

I thought the black t-shirt guy was Jerry Garcia.

Didn’t Inigo Montoya start out as the dude in Yentyl?

He was Avigdor.

I don’t know about Cary Elwes, but Johnny Cash is known as the man in black.

I can’t say exactly where Mandy Patinkin “started,” but I think he first gained fame playing Che Guevara in the original Broadway production of “Evita.”

When you said black t-shirt, my first thought was Julian from the Trailer Park Boys. But I do happen to be drinking rum’n coke at the moment so don’t mind me.

Isn’t George Lucas supposed to always wear the same shirt design? There was a hint of this in a recent MAD Magazine parody (A Day in the Life of George Lucas).

No, but he frequently wears plaid.

Comedian Richard Lewis wears a lot of black. I know I’ve seen him discuss it on at least one talk show.

I would bet it was Richard Lewis as well. He’s been on Letterman numerous times.

Lewis wears black so he can easily spot & clean the leftovers from any of his numerous daily coke hits.