Name this drug...

I was watching Cops yesterday (Yeah, yeah, I know. I like it anyway).

The “captured” a 18-year old (or so) guy that was shirtless (what a surprise).

The woman who called him in was nearly assaulted by him. He was obviously high on something, he was paranoid (said he was being watched from a RV nearby) violent, raving.

When the got him, the police considered themselves lucky they caught him in a calm phase, the drug apparently roller-coasters the taker between calm periods and violent periods. Despite his skinny size, they said he would’ve taken several cops to subdue him since the drug removes the sensation (or acknowledgment) of pain.

The drug name alludes me but I had never heard of it before. It was a single syllable, like “stetch” but something else altogether. It comes in “sticks” and they searched several matchbooks he had on him for it since it was “often hidden in matchbooks”. Touching it with bear hands would’ve been enough to trigger a reaction in the searching cop - her fellow cop on-site was warning her to be careful.

So - what was it, do you think?

  1. Rollercoaster calm-to-violent behavior.
  2. High pain tolerance
  3. Paranoia
  4. “short name”
  5. absorbable through skin.
  6. Comes in “sticks”

It was sounding like PCP until the part about match-like sticks and being absorbed through the skin in very small amounts. One street name of PCP, is “sherm”, according to Wikipedia.

SHERM! That was it.

Never heard that name. I had no idea what they were talking about.

Oh - and “bare hands” - not “bear hands”…

…though they are police, maybe both spellings are good. :wink:

Found this site that says:

…which supports the skin thing.

Perhaps “sherm stick” is using a cigarette as a “stick” since dipping a cigarette is a common delivery method.

“Sold in capsules, tables, powder and liquid” says another site so I guess you could hide some in a matchbook.

Thanks for the info.

The really strange thing is that “sherm” is apparently short for “Sherman Hemsley.” How PCP got that nickname bewilders me.

I heard that “sherm” was derived from William Tecumsah Sherman because of his fits of violence when burning the cities of the south, compared with his calm deliberation before battle.

Not really.

Sherman stick is basically a cigarette dipped in pcp. that’s what my uncle always smoked.

Maybe some reference to his behaviour in the Movin On Up roll. WEEZY!!!


You guys have never heard of Sherman Cigarettes? When I smoked they were the best cigarettes I ever had. Top drawer stuff.

grumble grumble sherman hemsley…crapola…william sherman…jeeze…damn kids get offa my lawn…

Nat Sherms were the best. “Natural Shermans” were also called “Sherms” by my friends who wanted a good tasting smoke. I liked those an Export “A” (from Canada). Blew away Marlboro and other local smokes.