Name this Film (vague details)

I recall seeing as a child on tv a film with no dialogue just music. It had a guy travelling if i recall correctly on a manually propelled railway carriage (like in the cartoons) across either America or Canada. If i recall correctly it was also speeded up. The main character just moved across ever changing landscapes at speed. I think he went from coast to coast and the film looked if i recall correctly (once more) like it was from the '60s or '70s. It may have been made for tv or a short, i really don’t recall much about except that it enthralled me when i was 4 years old. Anyone have any ideas what this film could be working on my admittedly scant recollection?

PS it must have been on either British or Irish tv, me being in ireland.

The Railrodder – Buster Keaton travels the Canadian rails on a handcar, perhaps?

you legend, that’s exactly it. Thanks. Gonna hafta track down a copy.

Didn’t The Wizard of Speed and Time feature a railroad handcar? Can’t say for sure but it fits the description and rings a bell as well…

It wasn’t a handcar, but a little motorized maintenance vehicle. There was a toolbox or compartment of some kind that seemed to contain everything you could possibly need while motoring across Canada.

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