Name this flower...

We are trying to identify this yellow dried flower. We want to buy bunches of them for decorations as a part of our wedding but after 3 hours tonight of various text and image based searches, we’ve come up empty. Any thoughts?

What are these damn flowers?!?

Hard to see the pictures in great close-up detail, but I’d guess some variety of yellow chrysanthemum.

ETA: Do a google image search for yellow chrysanthemum to see a whole lot more. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and varieties.

Is this it? African daisy

I don’t know about the flowers*, but what’s with that font at the top? Why would a company choose an illegible font for their logo?

*They look like miniature chrysanthemums.

Thanks for the responses so far but I do not believe it is chrysanthemum nor the african daisy. I looked at the Google Images results for “dried yellow chrysanthemum” and “dried yellow miniature chrysanthemums” and none of thee results look like this flower. Same thing with African Daisy, not quite the same thing.

We also saw the same dried flowers at a L’Occitane store as decorations but the clerks did not know what they were either.

Oh, this is sooo frustrating!

Found it: immortelle!