Name this Jazz Song *imagination required*

hi all,
when I get a song stuck in my head I can’t get rid of it until I find it… any help would be appreciated in finding this song. Unfortunately I’ve got no idea how to attach a sound sample to this post and no way to find the song to attach a link so i will have to settle for those patient enough to follow the clues and put it all together in their head. If you can’t hear music in your head forget about helping haha, cuz it’s hard enough making an ass of myself like this without trying to “make someone hear musical notes” I will do my best.

For some reason I keep thinking this song is titled “hangtime” it is an old, very well known Jazz melody that was once listed on a time-life collection on TV ( I tried searching this way; no song listings)

The song has NO lyrics, it’s only a saxophone melody and here’s what it sounds like with only words to simulate the music notes(bear with me)

-doobity-doo-doooo <REPEAT>

this is the most well known part of the song,it is also the gist of the song/the theme that the musician goes back to through the entire song. But I can remember more if what was written above was even remotely helpful, lol

Any ideas? Or throw me a guess :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your patience


I started reading that and Strangers in the Night came to mind, but I don’t think that’s what your looking for.

I will personally pay for a case of beer for the first person able to correctly identify this song, provided they then unleash that talent on an actual recording I have of a song I have been unable to identify for 20 years.

I don’t know the name, but I am sure it is by the Doobie Brothers.

Sounds like it could be “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck?

Go here, scroll down, and listen:

not strangers in the night haha. “strangers in the night” is called this because that is what is sung in the song. Please remember, this is a saxophone melody there are NO LYRICS :wink:

So what about the tempo here, are we talking a fast song, a slow drawn out notes?

By that logic, your song has no name.


Yup, you nailed it… shakes your hand appreciately I’m so glad this word-crap I did worked-out… LOL… later all!

Nice shooting, Key Lime Guy.

Yah well Joey, Logic wasn’t always my forte :slight_smile: You are correct in your deductive reasoning, but lucky for you the answer came quickly.

What’s the song you have** Kneadtoknow**?

Here’s a great version of Take Five by The Dave Brubek Quartet, I just love it!

If I knew that, I wouldn’t have a problem, would I? :wink:

I’ll try to get it posted online later tonight.

Okay, I tried my ancient but still-functioning LiveJournal account, but apparently I can’t upload to that. I know will let me post photos, but I don’t see anything about other data files.

Stoopid question: where can I get a free account that lets me post an MP3 file?

You really should start a new thread instead of hijacking mine KneadToKnow, but the question is awfully similar to what i’ve already posted for so I’ll steer you over to my thread:

It will never happen again.

All those guys are great musicians, but what a kick watching the smooth and immensely talented 33-year-old Joe Morello absolutely kick ass on drums.

What’s really funny, IIRC, is that Paul Desmond (the saxophonist and co-author of the song) thought the song would be a flop, once musing that perhaps he’d be able to buy an “electric shaver” with the royalties he’d get from it. :smiley:

Hey I bet back in 1959/60 an electric shaver was a pretty pricey item :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason, everybody (except the double bass player) looks like Drew Carey in that clip. What a weird era that must have been to live in.