Long shot, but can help me identify this song?

I have no sample or whatsoever…

it’s an old song - probably 70s or 80s I guess…

Singer is not that famous - this is the only song I know done by the singer…
Goes something like Johnny Hertz or something like that…

The melody is very catchy and goes something like wanting to go back in time

I heard this song early today and even googled the name… but now at home - it slipped my mind and I am dying from the curiosity to recall the name again.

Any help or wild guesses appreciated!
Thank you!

I can’t really help except to say that if you heard it on the radio, some radio stations keep a log of their playlist on their website, so you could review the playlist around the time you were listening and probably figure it out that way.

What style of music was it?

Long shot: was it “Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck? I would like it to be.

Happy Friday.

Also, you can view your browser history, usually with Ctrl+H although different browsers may be different, and see what you Googled earlier today.

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Are you saying the singer’s name sounds something like Johnny Hertz?

Here’s my WAG - Ah Leah! by Donnie Iris.

ETA: I’m assuming it’s not as simple as Back in Time by Huey Lewis.

That Bon Jovi song.

I Wanna Go Back by Eddie Money? (1986)

Rio by Duran Duran? I heard it about 20 minutes ago.

*Heroin Girl *by Everclear mentions wanting to go back in time…

Time Passages, by Al Stewart?

Thanks for the replies, but sadly not those mentioned…

It’s sung by a guy - and it’s not Johnny Hertz but the name sounds something like that…

I am sure the song is famous!

Another clue - the song title is the first sentence of the chorus… if it helps?

Could it be Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle?
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Pop tune? Folkie? How do the guitars sound?

Johnny Hates Jazz “Turn Back The Clock”?

Tyrone Davis’s Turn Back the Hands of Time?

Try googling any part of the lyrics that you remember in quotes and then add “lyrics”. I once found a 70’s song that I only remembered two words from and found it. I was very pleased with myself. :slight_smile:

If you were signed in to Google, you might be able to search your history and find your previous attempt to find this song.

If you heard the song on YouTube, just go to your history there and scroll down until you find it.

If you heard it on the radio, most radio stations now put their playlists online.

This apparently bears repeating. If you googled it before, the answer is in your browser history.

’65 Love Affair by Paul Davis is from 1982, is catchy and mentions going back in time.

I wanna go back
To my little grass shack
In Kealakekua, Hawaii!

The only thing that fits about this is that the melody is catchy and it contains the phrase “going back” but… Never Going Back Again?