Name this movie

The setting - USA of the near future, or present day in an alternate history universe.

“All men are created equal” is legally enforced. Everyone must be equal in all things. Displaying talent is a criminal offense. Someone displaying better than average ability at dancing is required to fasten lead weights to his feet. The golf championship is won by the guy who plays exactly at par. Students are expected to aim for a C grade, A’s and F’s both fail. An A grade student is recruited into a secret society of talents.

Can you name this film?

There was a Vonnegut story called “Harrison Bergeron” that was pretty much that. Dunno if they made a movie of it.

Harrison Bergeron?

Fantasic :

That’s the one. Thanks.

They also used some of this in the made-for-TV (although I saw it in a theater) 1972 cobbled-together Vonnegut film Between Time and Timbuktu: