Name this OLD Sci-Fi film.

This was a film I saw back in the 50s, possibly black & white. It was post-apocalyptic, and involved a race of humans who had gone underground (literally) to avoid radiation, and due to living in very low-light conditions, their eyes became very large and bulging. I vaguely remember them being dressed in black, with hoods. They were very menacing.

They showed us this film in school, at lunch time, in 30-minute episodes.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes?

Really doubt he saw that in the 50s.

Maybe it was World Without End.
Released in 1956.

It has subterranean mutants.

Review here:

Could be “World Without End,” but the mutants I remember were basically human, except for their eyes.

La Jetee from 1962, perhaps?

Could it have been an episode of the Twilight Zone, maybe? I think I’ve heard this story on X-Minus-One, and I think they used some of the same stories.

Can I horn in? I saw a movie similar to this one, don’t remember the bulging eyes though. But the skin of the people had become so sensitive to sunlight that they used it as a means of sacrifice. Pretty girl does a dance, takes off her clothes, and steps into the beam of sunlight, get’s crisped. I saw it on TV when I was a child, in the (early?) 60’s. It was black and white.

Sounds like Killers from Space. (to the OP that is.)

Wow, they show different stuff on TV in ‘Tottering on the Brink’ than they do here in the USA. I had to wait until I was an adult until I saw a pretty girl do a dance and take off her clothes. Of course, there wasn’t a lot of sunlight involved and I don’t quite remember her getting crispy in the end.

Maybe I was watching a different show.

The Mole People?

halfliquid, that’s it! Wow, talk about a fast response.

Oh, but the clothes off thing was very discreet. You saw her dance, then the camera zoomed in close and her hands reached to her throat to undo her gown. Brief bit of shoulder is all, and a scream(if I remember right)

That actually looks interesting.

That’s The Mole People. Hugh Beaumont (Beaver’s Dad) was one of the scientists/explorers.


Starring John Agar, Mr. Shirley Temple. This was a cheesy-fun, spot-the-zipper-on-the-rubber-costume kind of creature feature they just don’t show on TV any more.

It isn’t.

I’m leaning toward yevgeny’s “Killers From Space.” Yeah, it’s not post-apocalyptic, but it has the bulging eyes and black hoodies.

The Time Machine (1960) or is that too late?

No, it’s not any of those mentioned. The absolute latest it could have come out was early 1957, but I think I saw it a couple of years before that. And the people looked relatively human except for their eyes. And I have a vague recollection of them performing surgery on someone.

And another thing: Their hoods or perhaps their black hair, came down to a very pronounced and sharp widow’s peak.

Two quick suggestions:

Day the World Ended (1955) – matches plot somewhat.

Invaders from Mars (1953)-- does not match plot, but the Martians have bulging eyes, widow;s peaks and do surgery on earthlings.

Looking through the IMDB’s list of “Post Apocalyptic” titles I’ve found a possible candidate in World Without End

Plot keywordsinclude post-apocalypse, caveman, subterranean, mutant.

Wikipedia entry