Name this (probably performed by a diva) song.

Because curmudgeonlyness is so much more fun if you actually know the name and origin of what you detest, I’m hoping someone can clue me in on this song I hear played at my gym.

All I can tell you about it is that it’s vaguely reggae flavored, and has the following snatches of verbiage:

(1) Turn out the light, turn out the light

(2) then comes this yodelling part (!!?), something like: “Yodelly yoddelly yodelly yodelly down down down, turn out the light”

(3) Hi, Opal!

That would be Nelly Furtado, and the song is called “Turn Off the Light.”

  • s.e.

Thanks, scott evil. Judging by the context in which I’ve heard her name I guess she isn’t a diva after all, but I still don’t care much for the song. The gym is like the cesspool of all modern pop music that I don’t like, since I rarely go anywhere else that I can’t exercise at least partial control over it.