Yet another help me identify this song using obscure lyrics thread

I have looked all over and cannot find out what this song is

“Turn out the lights and close the door- we need tonight to be alone, Turn out (the world???)”

After that I have no clue what the words are, I know that Natalie Cole sang this song at the Motown review in 1985 but its not her song. Any takers?

Might be Teddy Pendergrast’s Close the Door. Sultry.

Nope not that one- I know that one…good mood music :smiley: but not the osng I’m after

Well, I found a site with the lyrics and it’s on a Natalie Cole album. Hope this helps a little.

A Little Bit of Heaven

The title of the song is “A Little Bit of Heaven”. I’m having trouble finding a definitive cite for Natalie Cole’s version NOT beng the original.

The Shocking Blue recorded a song of the same name in the early 70s. Ray Charles recorded another song of the same name (actually a country tune) sometime between 1962 - 1986.

Well smack my booty and call me spanky- thanks guys!