Name this SciFi book with little information please?

A female scientist finds a way to visit alternate universes using a, um, cosmic can opener thingy. She doesn’t seem very well regarded on regular time Earth. I remember her going to an Earth that was very ancient Egyptian-like. Read the book in the early '90s but that doesn’t mean that was when it was written.

I know it isn’t a lot to go on but if any place can name it, it’s here on The Dope.

It vaguely sounds like “The Subtle Knife” by Pullman, but that was 1997.

Number of the Beast by Heinlein?

There’s something like that in Eon by Greg Bear, but it’s only a minor sideplot.

Yeah, I think this is it. After reading the summary, I remembered all that other stuff too. Dunno why Vazquez and her can opener stayed with me and everything else fled.

A ‘clavicle’ I believe in Eon, not a can opener. And she was not the one who used it, but a person who was an expert in ‘clavicle operation’.

That was an interesting part of Eon, and she was prominent in the sequel as an Egyptian, or Greek, teacher, until she got, somehow, back into ‘the Way’.


It was the original scientist’s granddaughter who shows up in the sequel (called “Eternity”), as I recall.