Name tracker

I found this site today and thought it was interesting.

You can type in your name (and other names, of course) and track their popularity through the early 1900s. The most popular my name ever got was in the 1960s when it reached 70th. In 2003 it came in at 173.

Just thought it was kind of fun and wanted to share.

Warning: may be a crap site for dialup connections.

When I was born, I was around 249th most popular, and as of 03, the 942nd most popular boys name! Take THAT, Quincy! (currently #466 with an unexplainable upslope)

Way too cool. Just sent it to two work groups; will send it to another batch of people when I got home.

My name peaked in popularity (#8!!!) about 15 years before I was born. What does that tell you about my parents and their ability to ride the crest of a cultural wave? :wink:

I thought so, too. I spent a good hour typing in the names of everyone I know. Plus the names of the children I’m never going to have.

60’s - N/A
70’s - 778
80’s - 734
90’s - 716
2003 - 950

My parents were progressive back in '78 but I’m never gonna crack the top 100.

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the real time interface! :smiley:
(the colours kinda suck though!)

Oh wow, that’s cool.

My name with the common spelling was #3 in the 20s-40s, then dropped to 6 in the 50s, and began a slow decline to 628 in 2003. I never knew it was ever so popular as #3.

My name with my spelling (not common) showed up in the 700 and 800s in the 40s-60s, but is nonexistent before or after.

Now I have to go put in the names of everyone else I know.

Suck! My name has never even hit the top 1000 in any decade, ever!! In any spelling that I can come up with.

Damn '60’s parents…

1900s - 7 : 1
1910s - 4 : 1
1920s - 1 : 2
1930s - 1 : 3
1940s - 2 : 3
1950s - 3 : 4
1960s - 5 : 3
1970s - 7 : 6
1980s - 8 : 9
1990s - 20 : 14
2000s - 35 : 17

Wow. My names have really taken a plunge since the 80’s and that bugs me for some reason

Hell, sounds like you’re never gonna crack the top 500. :wink:

John’s passe. Joshua’s the new hotness.

To be male and in the top 20 without a biblical name is just a laugh.

My name only shows up as a boy’s name. :mad: Stupid boys, taking my name.

It’s amusing to go through the alphabet just to see which first letters are popular. F’s are in a real slump, but I’m bullish on vowels!

And which names are consistant performers? It’s easy to find Hispanic names whose curves are pretty flat: Manuel, Maria, Jose. Other than that, I’m not having much luck.

The site doeesn’t seem to work for me. All I get is a giant whiter box with a red X. I;m at work, so I assume it’s because this computer doesn’t have some kind of plug in required.

My name hit 288 in the 50’s!!! WOO
Back when I was born ('84), it was at 470. Not bad considering I haven’t met many people with the same name as me.

My name was #2 in the 70s…

Thanks Mom

My name was #1 in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Maybe that’s why there’s 7 of us in the office.

My first name was at #1 in the '20s

My middle name, which is a less common spelling of a very common name, was at #50 in 1910, 1950s and the '80s.

The abreviated version of my middle name, which is the name I use was at #22 in the '50s.

Very addicting site! I just had to share it with the immediate world! Thanks!

I was #14 in the 70’s and #21 in the 80’s. FlanderTwin’s name topped out at #53 in the 70’s. HA! Take that!

It wouldn’t let me type John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

My mother chose my name because she wanted me to have a different name from all the other kids.

She then would probably be rather glad to know that it has not made the top 1000 names in the last 100+ years, if ever.