How popular is your name?

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My daughter’s name has been around since the '30s, and my son’s since forever. I notice “Kennedy” has been around only about twenty years. Funny, you don’t see a lot of “Vernon” anymore, although it was very popular in the 20s. “Walter” hit its heydey in the 1880s, and “Mildred” about died off by the 70s.

My name at birth: 389. Now: 84
Brother Devin: 470 at birth, 81 now
Brother Erin: 800/same
Brother Daene: None, either time.
Son, Teague: None.
Daughter, Rowan: None/700.

That’s an amazingly cool way of doing the graphs, by the way.

A decade-by-decade breakdown of my name’s popularity:


Only a few more decades of decline before my mundane monosyllabic moniker is out of the top 1,000.

My name was 16 when I was born; now it’s down to 121.

My name’s pretty darn popular…in the octogenarian set.

My name’s been declining in popularity pretty steadily since the 1920’s, but even in the 1990’s, it was #18. What can I say? I’ve got a pretty ordinary name. Shared by three other people in my office of 24. Makes answering the phone fun for the receptionist, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Huh. My name was the no.1 name when I was born in the 1970s (although I suspect it wasn’t as popular in the UK). It’s no.38 now.

And interestingly (to me, anyway), my mum’s name was the no.1 name when she was born in the 1950s.

It only recently fell out of the top 100, and when I was born it was #20. I knew it’d be high for that decade with the number of girls named Laura in my HS class.


My name is rather unusual but certainly not unheard of. At its height (the decade before I was born, the 40’s) it was 147. Now it is 348.

My older son’s name, which we thought was so original, was literally not on the charts until the 60’s, and is now #5!

I agree about the cool graphs.

My name first shows up around the 1940s, was #1 in the 1960s and is currently languishing down at #431 now.

Some of the coolest names I can think of were popular so long ago and not even on the charts today, like Zora and Agatha.

Mine was ranked number one when I was born. My twin sister’s name was ranked 39.

The perils of carrying on a family name.

When my grandfather was born, our name ranked 19th.

When my father was born it was 22nd.

By the time I was born it had fallen to 82nd.

When my sons were born it was 161, which is one reason why my wife refused to carry the name for another generation.

Now it’s 302.

It’s not even on the list. However, it is a real word.

Hey, at least it’s not CrimeFighter.

“Britt” peaked at 739 around 1960, around the same time “The Magnificent Seven” came out. James Coburn rocks!

My name was ranked #2 right around the time I was born. Now it’s #106.

My name isn’t in there. :dubious:

#4 when I was born, after having spent the previous century at #1. Now it is #18.

I guess I’m no longer trendy. :smiley:

Unknown reached its peak in the 1950’s in 412[sup]th[/sup] place for girls and 351[sup]st[/sup] place for boys. Now it is in the top 1000 for neither sex.

My name was 79 when I was born and is now 63 although using my full first name the numbers are 50 and 15.