name your favorite Peter Gabriel song

In Your Eyes

Solsbury Hill.

Here Comes The Flood (especially the version from Growing Up Live)

Games Without Frontiers

Signal to Noise.

I’ll have to go with Big Time. Honorable mention goes to Shock the Monkey.

Shock The Monkey

Down to Earth (from “WALL*E”)



*Sledgehammer *



Solsbury Hill.

Another vote for *Sledgehammer[/. Second place is *In Your Eyes. *

Solsbury Hill just beats out Games Without Frontiers for me

Solsbury Hill.

this is kind of an impossible question to answer. Going over some songs on the security album I realized that I like the song Wallflower near the end a lot. It’s not upbeat or danceable, but it shows that sensitive emotional side of Peter Gabriel.

  1. No Self Control
  2. Not One Of Us
  3. Lead A Normal Life