what is Peter Gabriel to you?

I mean, without Peter Gabriels influence, I wouldnt be doing my job (flash animation /programming/elearning) now. I bet he and his minions have influenced millions, particularly in rich internet media stuff. Just watching his “Play” dvd and was thinking about his continuing influence.


The video for it is about all I know about him.

I owe EVERYTHING in my current life to him. He’s what attracted my attention and made me become a Genesis fan. Through being a Genesis fan I became a Kate Bush fan. Through being a Kate Bush fan, I met my husband.

I think I owe him my life.

That’s too bad. That’s one of the worst things he’s ever done.


The video was cool though, and it made him a lot of money and gave him a lot of clout, which he’s put to good use.


A bit more explanation: I was pen pals with another Peter Gabriel/Genesis fan, long after Peter had left the band, and she made me a tape with Kate Bush on it. (I became a Genesis fan in 1974, Peter left in 1975, I became a Kate fan in 1980)

Considering that at the time I lived in a small town in Kansas and only knew/dated good old boys (while my husband was from the city, very smart and interested in electronics and technology), I’d probably now be married to some NASCAR-loving, beer-drinking goon, living in a trailer park, with no computer (or, maybe, WebTV or AOL), and…never mind, I’d probably be dead from sheer boredom.

I wouldn’t have seen a fraction of the movies I’ve seen. I wouldn’t have heard a fraction of the music I’ve heard. I wouldn’t have had a radio show or podcast. I never would have known about, then known, Happy Rhodes (the most important person in my life after family), I wouldn’t have ever eaten Indian food. I wouldn’t live in Chicago. By being where I was at certain times, I was responsible for events that have positively affected other people (for instance, some people wouldn’t be married, or in the relationships they’re in, or living where they live). A million things were changed forever in my life and, through me, others, because of Peter Gabriel.

And all because I watched TV one night (I first saw them on the Midnight Special).

I don’t see the connection, and I’m both a big Peter Gabriel fan and a software developer. Can you elaborate?

It’d be a real bitch if he showed up to call in the debt. :smiley:

a huge influence. One the musicians / artists I respect most. For the longest time, I thought he and Prince were the two most innovative popular musicians working…

That is the coolest spin on Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon I’ve ever seen.

I love Peter Gabriel, but I don’t think I can attribute anything to him aside from the fact that he’s enriched my musical life. That’s good enough for me!

(I wonder if I can find a specific point in my life that got me to where I am today…scratches head)

Well, I strongly lobbied that my son have the middle name Rael (and lost!).

I really think he hit his creative peak with PG4. He’s done some good stuff since then, but is not nearly as cuttting edge as he was. The fourth album still sounds kinda modern.
I like that he’s not only posing when it comes to social issues, but actually does something himself, and his quest to bring world music to the masses has been fairly succesful (though I’m not a big fan of it myself).

In a way (as with Bowie, Roxy Music and Led Zep) his legacy from his most productive and creative years is far greater than what he puts out nowadays. His first four albums will always have a very prominent place in my record collection though.

Wouldn’t that make you a Who fan?

Rael imperial aerosol kid
Exits into daylight, spraygun hid

- The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

A pop musician with a couple big realeases in the 80’s and 90’s.

Somewhere below Phil Collins but ahead of Corey Hart on my radar.

As a Chicagoan, I look on Peter Gabriel as the guy WXRT’s aging programmers continue to be obsessed with, dedicating innumerable Friday Features to him while other, equally worthy artists go unheralded. Me, I respect Gabriel’s talent, but I don’t listen to his music very much.

Wow Trunk - I normally look for your posts on music threads. I must admit it sounds like you haven’t invested much time checking Gabriel’s stuff out - you would be very well served if you did.

I think his high-water mark is Peter Gabriel III, with the Intruder, No Self Control, Not One of Us and the incomperable Biko, but PG IV, with Shock the Monkey, San Jacinto, Family Snapshot, etc. is freakin’ brilliant, too.

Phil Collins - say what you will - is a great musician who ventured into pop and broke open both solo and as part of Genesis. But Peter Gabriel embraced World Beat, innovative music, arrangements, video as an art form, etc. - well ahead of the crowd and was critically influential at bringing this stuff to the mainstream. Kind of like the Police incorporating Reggae and post-punk into a form that become part of mainstream pop. His contributions have been huge…

You’d be right.

I’m not slamming him, just answering the question – I really just never listened to him.

That’s all he is to me though. . .a guy with many fewer pop hits than Phil Collins, “Shock the Monkey” and “Sledghammer” and “WordMan has a red flag, Chiang Kai Shek has two”.

There are lots of guys out there who I’ve never gotten around to listening to. He just happens to be one.


My son’s name is Gabriel, though strangely enough he was born in the 3 months between the time I saw Genesis on TV, and finally got a Genesis album and discovered that the lead singer’s name was Gabriel. One of those weird coincidences you shake your head at (I’m a skeptic, but if I weren’t, I probably would have been freaked out by that).

Agreed, if only III and IV (aka Security, my favorite album by him).

(A) The guy who did the still-impressive Sledgehammer video
(B) The guy who inspired one of the most tedious modern movie cliches, the Say Anything moment. Ugh.
© The guy who I saw at the Amnesty International concert, running and jumping and tumbling and getting a full workout during his set
(D) The guy who looked like Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now when he performed at the Academy Awards a few years ago

He is a guy I am just coming to appreciate now. Having heard a lot of him when I was a wee stump of about the ages five to nine or so, he blipped off of my radar for a while. While out with my husband one day, “Sledgehammer” came on over the radio, I giggled, saying, “I remember that video from when I was quite small.” My husband suddenly looks at me like I have two heads. “Peter Gabriel? Sledgehammer? That’s the CUT!” I then looked at him as though he had two heads for saying “That’s the cut”. But his comment did make me rethink my view on old Peter, and I downloaded some stuff. Damn. My husband is right. This guy is cool.