Name your SD Survivor tribe

A thread over in MPSIMS got me thinking how boring and joyless most of those folk on Survivor are. Figured we could have a better time, and make for more entertaining TV, with a random draw from these boards. Well, here’s the challenge. Instead of a random draw, identify the 7 posters who, with you, will make up your tribe. Figure you’ll be either on the island or in the outback.

I’ll give this a little more thought, but for starters I’ll say:
Eve and Ukelele Ike - They would keep me in stitches, and Eve would provide the class both series have been so sadly lacked
Esprix - always up for an adventure, hard to offend
tomndebb - is there anything he dosn’t know?
Wildest Bill - I’m sure if there were anything out there to eat, he’d find it. And you gotta figurew he’d appeal to a certain demographic!
matt mcl - just in case the natives speak Esperanto
dropzone - jus6 to have someone older and more out of it than me when cannibalism becomes an issue
damn. I’m already down to one last choice.
I’ll say poysyn or nymsys have to fight it out for the last spot. You know the producers would require at least one awesomely beautiful young lass. Might as well choose one who has something to say as well.

Apologies to anyone I left out as I did this on the spur of the moment. (Of course you realize that since I started this damn thread at least one of you fuckers have to name me in this popularity contest!)

Just off the top of my head:

And I suppose we’d be on the island.

Being so new and all, I don’t know many of you very well. But based on the recent “wrasslin’ name” thread, I hope that Delores “Minx” Claiborne and Tequila Mockingbird would consider letting me on their island.

Straight Dope Survivor? I can see it now. The “Evil Nazi Groundhog” tribe versus the “Monkey Butler” tribe. Challenges would include arguing about gun control, Monty Python trivia, finding sequential thread titles, eating circus peanuts, newby bashing, haiku, running up post counts, online flirting, and trying to find a Waldenbooks with a copy of Anna Held.

Oh wow. The name of my SD tribe? I guess Zoggie Tribe is too self-centered. Hmmm. Powerpuff Girl Tribe!

Made up of:
Jester (He’s cute, funny, entertaining…etc. AND the only one I can trust.)
Satan (He has SDMB experience, and could protect us from flames and arrows.)
Crunchy Frog (He’s an amphibian. If we get hungry enough…)
Silverfire (She’s good at protecting turtles, and we need a female to procreate the species, if necessary.)
AdNoctum (He has a Bowie Knife, and knows how to hunt.)
Gunslinger (Can fire a gun at will.)
AuntiePam (Well read and nice. I feel obligated to take her into the obviously superior tribe. Not that your tribe is any less, Dinsdale…:p)

Zoggie - who is Will? I assume you meant to have a gun fired at Jeff Probst.

Oh Dinsdale, you silly goose. You know what I mean. Anyway, he can fire a gun at any other tribe if he so desires. That is, he’s a Texan. He’ll shoot now, ask questions later.

Satan: Who else to pick in a game of treachery and despair than the Prince of Darkness?

ChiefScott: How else am I going to learn the correct ways to ogle the ladies and be a pig?

jarbabyj: Just because she likes Rammstein. :smiley:

SPOOFE Bo Diddly: Fun to be around…just don’t ask to borrow his toothbrush.

BornDodgy: Every tribe needs at least one babe.

ssskuggiii: Who else am I going to talk about mundane, pointless teen issues with?? (plus, another babe)

sk8trix: Well, one person from Connecticut is good, but two is even better!

oldscratch: I don’t think anyone else would figure out how to get high using a coconut, two reeds and some hot sand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm at the moment it’d have to be
mighty_maxx because I know he knows a whole helluva lot more about “wilderness” stuff than I do

kremit334 because I need sonething to do in my spare time

Satan enough said

Dinsdale (I wanted to be the first fucker to name him in this popularity contest hehe)

Esprix he seems pretty cool so why the hell not?

Coldfire his posts are good and he’s entertaining

And for the final spot it would have to be the all knowing, omni-potent, ever intriguing Cecil Adams Seriously though who the hell else would you bring other than Cecil himself? I’m ashamed of everyone one of you!

Tequila Mockingbird

Of course I’d demand a 24 week run.

And a move from CBS to the Spice Channel.

*Aenea, who is looking around for her survivor gear…

Actually, you’re on your knees in Chief’s tribe!!!

If you were smart, you’d pick me, because you KNOW my cranky, lazy, unathletic, uncoordinated, whiney ass would be SURE to be kicked off pronto. One less person to compete against for the big bucks.

I’m also pretty good at scrabble, so I could keep Kimmy busy while y’all kill the pig.