Name your Top 5 Genesis Songs

One for the Vine
Seven Stones
Supper’s Ready
Firth of Fifth

Man it’s hard to cull this list down to five. Genesis is one of my favorite bands by far. Since the OP already mentioned Supper’s Ready and Ripples, I’ll leave them off of my top five. :slight_smile:

The Colony of Slippermen
Back in N.Y.C.
Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea
Fading Lights
The Musical Box

  1. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
  2. Firth Of Fifth
  3. The Battle Of Epping Forest
  4. Follow You, Follow Me
  5. Turn It On Again

Honorable Mentions:

The Musical Box
Your Own Special Way
Scenes From A Night’s Dream
Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea

  1. Firth of Fifth - especially the live version from Seconds Out. Steve Hackett’s guitar solo never fails to blow me away.
  2. The Musical Box
  3. The Knife
  4. Afterglow
  5. Duke’s Travels/Duke’s End

Picking only five is hard!

  1. Man on the Corner
  2. Turn it On Again
  3. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
  4. Paperlate
  5. Supper’s Ready
  1. In the Cage/Cinema Show/Slippermen/Afterglow (Three Sides Live version)
  2. Turn it on Again
  3. Fading Lights
  4. Duke’s Travels/Duke’s End
  5. The Knife

I second these other selections:

Second Home By The Sea
Fading Lights
The Knife

  1. The Battle of Epping Forest
  2. Dancing Out with the Moonlit Knight
  3. The Musical Box
  4. Supper’s Ready
  5. Anyway

I’m almost afraid to post in this thread, but I’m a fan of their more radio friendly hits.

Invisible Touch
Illegal Alien
Land of Confusion
That’s All

In no particular order

1: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
2: Misunderstanding
3: Mama
4: Alone Tonight
5: Jesus He Knows Me

I don’t know too much from the Gabriel era as I was young and only got to hear it via my older brother.

I am struggling with ranking their Top-5 albums…

I’ll handle that for you.

Selling England by the Pound
Wind and Wuthering
A Trick of the Tail
Nursery Chrymes

Yeah, let me add Misunderstanding to my list. I know that makes six, but I have more than five favorites.

Supper’s Ready
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Turn It On Again

Honorable mentions for Mama, No Reply At All, Man On The Corner, That’s All, I Can’t Dance and most of Selling England by the Pound and A Trick of the Tail.

Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
No Son of Mine

On the whole, I prefer the newer material, but my favorite Genesis song is one of their old school ones.

  1. Squonk
  2. Anyway
  3. No son of mine
  4. Dodo
  5. Unquiet slumbers for the sleepers / In that quiet earth / Afterglow
  1. Watcher of the Skies
  2. The Musical Box
  3. Back in N.Y.C.
  4. Can-Utility & the Coastliners
  5. Either The Return of the Giant Hogweed or Get 'em out by Friday

Wot Gorilla
Turn it on Again
Blood on the Rooftops

The Knife
The Carpet Crawlers
Turn It On Again

For the win.