Nanny 911

Have you people seen this TV show? It’s a modern miracle that this kind of information is available to people everywhere. I am so pleased to see it shared so freely with everyone, especially in that you don’t need to get cable or satellite to see it. What happens on these shows is excellent advice for family life and even just marriage in general. I hope everyone watches this program. So many children’s lives could be made better if everyone did. In my own case, it wouldn’t have helped but it just warms my heart to see family’s so happy in the end. I hope all the Nanny’s on these shows have loving husbands and family’s because they deserve it. They are angels on earth. I opened this thread in hopes that you all will watch it at least once, then tell your friends and neighbors ad infinitum. Good works like these need to be spread around.

I love the Nannies, certainly, but man… some of those families make me rethink my position on the merits of human extinction.

Have you ever thought about turning off the TV, sitting down with your kids… and hitting them?

I quite like this show (despite the pretty ridiculous theme of it). In the UK there has been a real spate of parenting shows (most of them very good) over the last few years so we’re not short on parental advice. The best for me is the house of tiny tearaways which is essentially Big Brother meets Nanny 911 - three families with problems (sometimes it’s one kid in the family with the problem, sometimes it’s all of them) go into a Big Brother style house designed especially for children and live in it for seven days. The house is run by Dr Tanya Byron who is one of my heroes, she’s SO good (I got to meet her last year and I admit I gushed).

I agree that shows like this are actually becoming a necessity as so many people are having children in isolation now.

It’s almost sad isn’t it? That a TV show could give advice that it takes some people almost a lifetime to find. My youth, and I’m sure countless others, was filled with some of the most horrible events imaginable, avoidable by knowledge now shown in millions of homes worldwide. I don’t want to turn this thread into a downer , so I’ll give it a shot of love with something else I love about this show. It seems to me that a lot of men don’t have companionship and are getting into the latter stages of life without someone to share their lives with. The women on this show are perfect examples of the kind of women that most guys turn their noses up at because their not pretty enough to meet some bull crap standards that society or our own childish minds set for us. Those women have hearts of gold and if they can help whole families imagine they love they could give just one man. I know they have nanny training but most of the lessons they teach come from the love in a womans heart, the love of a mother more specifically, (It’s mothers day, I love my own mother with all my heart) they would make a man so happy and themselves in the process. That’s why were here, I believe, to share in the beautiful things the world has to offer us provided by the Man upstairs. Please don’t let that be a sour note (IP) and others, that drowns the message of love these women send.

p.s. BE, you are such a card.You keep us smiling. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ll happily agree to that (the man upstairs bit aside). :slight_smile:

I’m glad. You and I have spoken before and I figured you were one who had a good heart. I’m proud to know you.

Aw shucks.


I agree, shows like that are great and i hope it does help a lot of families in taking some of the advices given to heart.

It would have been great for my parents to have knows some of those things (they’re not bad people, and they’ve done as best as they could as far as their education went.)

I think some of the issues the shows like these throw up are actually solved in quite counter-intuitive ways. Many many parents have massive anxieties about their children crying or being upset and as a result don’t tend to set boundaries or punish them (and I’m not talking about hitting them, simply creating a consequence for their action, like a time out or confiscating a toy). They think that if they do something that makes the child cry they’ve damaged it in some way, rather than realising it’s what they need to do - if the child is crying or getting annoyed then they’ve successfully shown it who’s boss. I’ve seen so many parents being ruled by their children without realising it it’s unreal.

Same with tantrums, the best way to deal with them is not to comfort the child but to remain visible but ignore it (time out is great for this). This is actually very contrary to what a lot of people feel instinctively - they think the child is upset and should be comforted, when all that does is reinforce that tantruming produces an effect the child wants.

Finally there’s parents who treat their small children (5 and below) like micro adults and don’t understand why that doesn’t work. They try and reason and bargain with them (“If you’re good for the next hour you can have this toy”) not realising that children that young haven’t yet developed the reasoning capacity to make those sorts of agreements. At that age they’re still operating on a basic cause=effect model of learning i.e. if mummy says no and I still do it I get put in time out, if I get out of bed I get put back in no matter how many times I try.

It’s a shame these shows seem to be in the descendent now, they’re a continuing necessity in my eyes.

I actually find the first part of the show quite humourous, what with all the screaming and yelling and the acts of violence the kids perpetuate among one another.

I watched an episode of Supernanny last night and found it to be delightful, not as good as Nanny911 but the nanny gave out advice that was wise beyond her years. The reason for the bump is this can’t be good for people in the psychiatric community. These nanny’s take what seems to me to be years of therapy and condense it into a few sentences. Whether the people listen or not their diagnosis’s are pretty much spot on.

I think part of what makes them so successful in their jobs is that they get to see lots of cases and become well established at recognising common problems/themes. In lots of parent shows I’ve seen the issues nearly always fall into one of a few categories and the techniques used to solve it are quite straight forward (even if they’re not always applied in the same way).

I can speak from my own therapy when I realised that rather than being a person with very specific and individual problems I actually had issues which were quite easy to categorise and treat (absent father, gay, bad experiences at school etc). We all like to think we’re totally unique psychologically but it’s just not the case.

Wow. I’m suprised that those shows are getting so much love on this board. I find them VERY tough to watch mainly because the editing is so in your face and manipulative that it discredits the overall message of the show. For instance, they will shoot a 10 minute tantrum from 3 different angles and show it 4 times over the hour to show you how “the kids are still misbehaving even after 3 days…” etc… It’s extremely noticable due to the clothes they wear being the same in shots that are supposedly from throughout the week and it makes me not believe anything the show is trying to say.

They always tend to make the husbands look like uninvolved workaholics and the wives (who are almost always stay at home mothers) look like overworked and unappreciated slaves.

I grew up getting spanked and turned out okay. I’m prospanking with my kids but in 8 years have only had to spank them 3 times. Alot of these kids on these shows are extremely violent towards their parents and I think they lack a healthy fear of their parents and that’s why they hit and kick them. Some of these dads need to get in their kids faces and let them know who is the boss and how they will behave. They are far too passive. For kids under 6 a different approach is needed but for 8-10 year olds that are throwing shit and cussing at their parents the only solution is to put the fear in them.

Possibly as a solution once it’s gotten that bad, it’s the only one. I think that if they’d been raised properly in the first place they wouldn’t be violent toward their parents, and not because they are afraid of them. My son is almost 13 and has never been violent toward me or his dad and we’ve never spanked him and I’d be heartbroken if I thought he was physically afraid of me.

The editing is such that it’s frankly impossible to tell if the children really WERE a problem before, or are any better afterwards.

The shows are just transparently, almost comically phony. You get to see, tops, 20 minutes of footage of the family, and I’m supposed to believe this “nanny” actually fixed the problems the family allegedly has? Riiiight.

Frankly, if a kid’s 10 and is throwing stuff and swearing at his parents, they were screwing up when the kid was 2. I sincerely doubt spanking would help if it’s not accompanied by other, huge changes. And the other huge changes would fix the problem just as well without spanking.

I was spanked and I turned out okay, but what I mostly remember about spanking is that it encouraged me to lie about anything I’d be spanked about.

Come on Man! Don’t be so jaded. I’m sure it’s not all on the up and up but the fixes for the problems seem genuine to me. There’s no way they are faking all of it. You can see the people crying and making gestures. I couldn’t cry on command if my life depended on it. I’m no actor though.

I was “spanked” too. :smiley: It just took a lot longer for me to get right.

There must be some creative editing–I mean, all these reality shows have some kind of formula. At first things don’t quite work, you see a lot of tears/anger, and then at the last minute, everyone listens to the supernanny or nanny 911, and everything goes swimmingly. Kind of find it hard to believe that EVERYONE follows that pattern.

Of course, I’m the kind of person who would rather hire Cesar Millan than these nannies…(that’s the result of a LOT of South Park, though).

Since I’m no fan of kids (I avoid them at all costs), the “nanny” shows are an anathema to me, I can only tolerate about 0.68 Picoseconds of shrieking brats before my hand instinctively reaches for the remote, to either mute the sound, or change the channel

If I exhibited even an inkling of the behavior seen on the show when I was growing up, I would have most assuredly been spanked, for me, what was worse than spanking, was “THE VOICE!”, you know, that quiet, even tone, that carries the message “I’m very dissapointed in you”, I preferred getting yelled at, to THE VOICE…

From the snippets I’ve seen, I can’t believe that;
A; either the parent(s) or the Nanny haven’t given the misbehaving brats a good spanking
B; the kids behavior is not scripted in some way “Okay Damien, you go throw a grand-mal temper tantrum for this take, and make it believable, put some emotion into it!”

If in fact, the footage is unedited, the nannies have incredible reserves of patience
needess to say, I’ve only seen the promos for the shows, and even that’s too much for me…

Translation = I’ve never actually seen this but it’s clearly a crock of shit.