Napolitano tells Walmart shoppers to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior


](Secretary Napolitano Announces Expansion of "If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign to Walmart Stores Across the Nation | Homeland Security)

This strikes me as creepy and useless, but I’ve been wrong before.

Poll to follow.

You make it sound like she’s telling people to keep an eye on WalMart shoppers. I thought the campaign was about unattended packages and the like. Now I see among reasonable requests is a warning about people wearing bulky or inappropriate clothing. So now I have to go to the mall and report just about everybody. It’s not creepy, its just useless.

Inappropriate clothing?

Has nobody ever seen It would be more suspicious to see someone in appropriate clothing at WalMart!

Napolitano is just an incompetent screwed, I don’t expect actual results from her.

As Antigen says, I see suspicious things there all the time. Lots wear bulky clothing to cover their girth, others stumble through the aisles while tweaking.

Big Sis is an incompetent slug. Sooner she’s gone, the better

I think it would be more suspicious if a day passed where everyone at Wal-Mart was appropriately attired and acting sensibly.

LOL, so true. Doesn’t matter what city in what part of the country you are, the People of Walmart are always there.

Almost anything can be observed at a Walmart. Many folks of lesser means shop there. They often dress strangely. Morbidly obese people could be concealing a TV under their dress. A fight could break out at any time in or out of the store. Walmart is the only store in my affluent suburb where I lock my bike before entering. I have seen people blocks away pushing shopping carts containing a tiny bag of goods. They were stealing the expensive carts for resale or home use.

I would say that I will always keep my eyes open for every behavior at or around Walmart. Situational awareness is key to my own personal safety. I’m not so concerned with national security being compromised there.

Incompetano has really lost her marbles. I saw this and wondered why she still has her job.
Really-WALMART as a target for terrorists? I’d be more concerned about getting blown up in an arab-owned gas station.

Walmart is where terrorist buy their weapons and bomb supplies . The terrorist section is between auto and baby clothes.