Attention K-MART Shoppers....

With the growing amount of unemployment here in the Chicagoland Area, There is a new wave of crime afoot: Little Boys that steal Womens Groceries :eek:

This is how it works

These little bastards (between 9-12 years old) will wait outside the Grocery store for some unsuspecting woman to come out carrying two bags of groceries (One in each arm)

As soon as she gets into the parking lot, one boy will run up behind her, reach up under her skirt or dress real fast, then snatch her stockings, pannies and whatever else she’s wearing down to her ankles then runs off. Her first reaction, after the surprise and shock, is to drop her bags in terror while reaching for the person that pulled them down. While she’s struggling to cover her private parts and pull her pannies up, several other boys will all run out, grab her groceries, then all run off in different directions while she’s hopping around screaming with the pannies in a knot :dubious:
These little deliquents need the exact same beating the Rodney King got out in California. If they are hungry, there are other way to get food… We have a very good Salvation army that feeds the needy on a daily basis as well as several organized Church groups that are more than willing to help anyone that needs it. I have no idea what kinds of homes these little bastards come from, but they definitely needs their little asses whipped… Badly!!! :mad:

or they could sell candy like my brother instead of stealing…now I bet you’ll be nicer to the kids selling candy…at least they are not taking your underwear. Maybe if sells go really low they may START doing that. All women who value your privacy please buy candy from kids like my brother before they turn to this.

Sure, society will always have a predatory element, but what the OP has described is just plain wrong. Both of my Grammies are dead, but were I to witness someone treat an elder like that, it’s a sure bet that an ER visit will follow.