Napster, masking files: Zip to MP3, and vice versa???

I was wonder how I can get free apps and games and thought of this. Just want to know if this is possible? For instance, If I wanted to start some underground warez file sharing thing, could I just compress, say Window’s ME into and RAR file, rename it into an MP3 file, share it on Napster, someones downloads it and renames the file back to an RAR file, uncompress’s it, and walla, I successfully shared Window’s ME. I know it’s illegal but that’s not what’s in question here. Now as a test, I did a search on Napster for “photoshop”, by itself. And the result was some lower sized files which I obviously new was not Adobe Photoshop. But then I did a sort by size and found a whopping 4 different very large files averaging 330meg per file and thought well, this must be Adobe Photoshop 6.0. I did not download it because I wasn’t sure if it was loaded with a virus or if it even was the actual progam. Now I was always under the impression that Napster scanned the MP3’s to determine that is was an actually music file. Buy hey, maybe there’s a flaw? If this was possible(and it would be cool) then there could be another academic with Napster and Microsoft. . .

Dude, you are so screwed. Email Chronos or manny and ask them to lock this atrocity, ASAP. Apologize to them for asking, while you’re at it. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

But email me privately if you want answers.