What replaced napster?

Ok, today I searched on Napster for a song (Smashing Pumpkins’ Zero) and couldn’t find it. My question is: what software has replaced Napster as the king of file sharing? I’ve heard talk of Gnutella but using Limewire (a Gnutella) but I have difficulty downloading things (constantly getting “waiting for push…” or “busy…”. So what should I have my (cable, if that’s relevent) modem download?

I downloaded Amister (aimster.com), but it’s not nearly as good.

I’m currently using Bearshare 2.2.0 (another gnutella based program) for all my peer to peer needs, I’ve had no trouble downloading mp3’s although the lack of a bit rate listed on the search screen makes things a little less convenient.

I use Limewire, no complaints other than the fact it takes a few minutes for it to “warm up” (find users). Also the window takes a while to load on my computer whenever i pop it up again. I’ve found it to be much better than Napster in terms of percentage of downloads that work.

In thead Chronos says:

My guess is the really don’t want you asking for ways to break copyright laws. So I’m sure this thread will be closed soon. But, oh well.


[deleted]? I always use [deleted] ([link deleted]) myself… it supports resume and regexp searching. It doesn’t have as many users as [deleted], of course, but if you use [deleted] you can log onto [deleted] and [deleted] servers at the same time.

You’ll need the latest [deleted] installed to run it, but if you have [deleted] ME or 2000 then you already have them. I think they’re also planning a port to [deleted], where libraries are freely available under the [deleted].


There are tons of Napster clones out there, most of them are about equal with each other. But I highly recommend eDonkey. You get the standard Napster-style interface but the cool thing is that you can download one file from multiple people all at once to speed up the transfer. Also, you can start uploading a file to someone while you’re still downloading it! (these features are only useful for people with high-speed connections of course)

Audiogalaxy is what I use, not as good as napster, but I like it. :slight_smile:

Because looking into my crystal ball, I see a shut-down/heavy editing in 5… 4… 3… 2…


be creative in the way you search for songs on napster.
anagrams are your friend. :slight_smile:

For me, the replacement for Napster is… Napster.

I just don’t use Napster’s servers. Non-Napster servers are not blocked.

your song Zero is up there. be a little more creative in your search. i don’t want to be too explicit, but use the same techniques you would use in a search engine. alternate spellings, alternate titles, etc. “Zero” is not the name everybody knows that song by.

Feh. So it is to get copyrighted stuff, not rare editions or concert recordings or any of that other stuff that the defenders of this service said.

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