Napster question: diminishing download speeds

Would anybody know why my Napster download speeds approach the 0.00 k/s (ultimately resulting in the dreaded “transfer error”) as the file completion approaches 100%?

That is… I’ll start off downloading at 5.50 k/s or so and then that speed will dwindle in an almost inverse proportion to the file completion percentage. WTF?! What is occuring now is that I’m getting to about 95-98% of the file downloaded and then I’m dropped as the download speed peters out.

I just switched ISPs to Earthlink and Napster wasn’t giving me any problems until recently. Napster is also prompting me to upgrade my version of its software, but I’ve heard negative things about the new version.

PII 233 w/128 megs ram; 6.5 gig hard-drive with about 1.5 gigs free, Windoze 98 SE.

Any help, thoughts, suggestions, smacks upside the head appreciated.

The only thing I could say is that I’ve heard that recently, people have been kicking people uploading FROM them off so they could download theirs faster. A last ditch effort to get in as many songs as you can before it is shut down.

Other than that I have no answers. I have a 333 MHz PII and about 25% of downloads are booted before finished. But they tend to come in streaks. I will have 5 of six booted, then on my next connection all 4 transfer. I can’t explain it, only giving my situation. Hope you get a fix.

Were you D/l’ing a Guns N Roses song from me the other night? Somebody was and was getting speeds of only 0.42 kps and I waited FOUR HOURS for him/her to finish…my computer was begging for a reboot…when I checked to see if they were done there was the “transfer error”. I know my connection (cable) was fine because I downloaded a bunch of songs while I was waiting. OTOH, I have had no problem downloading songs lately, most of mine complete, but I had a lot more errors & file transfers when I was on dial-up. Maybe it has something to do with your ISP timing out?

You might already be aware of this, but when this happens, just go to C:\Program Files\Napster\Incomplete and retrieve your file. Having 95-98% of an MP3 is not that bad, it still works just fine, you’ll just be missing a few seconds of the end of the song.

The slower the download the longer an uploader is online.

This seems to grab resources from windows slowly clogging it up at the uploader end.

Every so often an uploader needs to reboot and then upload and download speeds seem to increase.

Methinks that the Napster client grabs screen area resources and does not release them.

When my PC has been online some time I get certain portions blacked out, mainly things like minimise, expand, and resume buttons.

This is rather like what used to happen under win 3.11 and was always related to screen memory.

I can make this a lot worse when I look at naptser downloads through Windows media player when my system crashes after a couple of hours or less.

I’d advise using a max number of download at around 2-or-3 and uploads of 2.

I’d also make sure all my downloads go to one folder where I could check them before further storage.