Does Napster hate me?

I’ve been a frequent Napster user for a while now, but recently something funny has been happening. Virtually everything I download starts out at an acceptible CPS rate, but the rate slows and slows and slows until it gets to 0.0 and I get a transfer error. I estimate that maybe 1 in 20 mp3s actually get through. Does Napster hate me now? What gives?

p.s. I recently downloaded the latest version and upgraded to it if that helps…

My friend and I have had the same problem for at least 4-5 days now. I assumed it had something to do with the impending court ruling to shut down or start charging users for the service. In other words, it’s crowded.

Most likely people figure that they have a matter of days until Napster is shut down, so there are tons of people on each server all day long.

Or the people that you are downloading from are just a-holes and they aborted the transfer.