Napster again....

Is anyone else not able to connect to Napster the last couple of days? I figure if it’s a system wide shut down it would be in the news, but I haven’t heard anything

Maybe my school has started blocking Napster, because I don’t think anyone in my class has been able to connect recently.


I can’t get on either. I guess I will have to go back to pirating Metallica songs the old fashioned way. Oh well

Sometimes I am unable to sign on to Napster during peak times. I think that it is just a system overload thing.

Nothing on their website says they are having any trouble. I would try signing on first thing in the morning.

And out of curiousity I will try to sign on when I get home tonight and report back my findings.

I haven’t had any trouble getting on recently. However, like Zumba said I have trouble getting on at peak times too.

I haven’t had problems connecting, but have had trouble saving files.