all of a sudden my napster program won’t load-it starts to and then it just sits there with the hourglass and does nothing-all of my other programs work fine-i uninstalled it and downloaded it again and installed it and the same thing happens-
any suggestions?

It may be at the source. I’m trying to download stuff too, and it isn’t working for me all of a sudden. There may be legal developments we aren’t aware of. Is the program initializing okay, and you just can’t download files? That’s my problem.

no it wont open-it works fine on my daughters computer-it just stopped working on mine

napster is up and running - I’m downloading like a
maniac right now. Sometimes Napster locks up on me,
and I have to exit, reboot, and then it works ok.

Hey, it just started working again! Well, good luck to the OP. :D:D

Close the program and re-start.

This happens from time to time on my machine. Don’t panic and start changing settings. Napster’s under some serious pressure lately because of their media attention.

Be patient, give it some time, you get a server soon.

** Ohh, make sure you completely close out of it. In the sys tray, exit, that assures that you’ve completely exited the program.

i dont mean i cant log on to napster-i mean it wont open at all-it just hangs up and partially opens-

At what point does it hang?

its a blank gray screen with napster v2.0 beta 7 at the top-with the hourglass -it will not open-it was working fine and just stopped-i reinstalled it and the same thing happens-no explanation at all-i can go to other programs and they work fine


I don’t know if the boards were set up for this, but I’ll give it a shot.

Start explaining what’s happening. Are you getting any kind of, ‘locating server’, ‘building library’ kind of message?

I’ve fired it three times now without problems. Loads straight away.

Are you completely out of the program? Sys tray and everything?

Reboot the comp and try it again. Explain exactly what’s happening and I can give you a better answer.


Should I assume you fixed the problem?

If its a thing you have to be connected to the web to use, it may very well be that the websites its connected to aren’t open at the time & thus it won’t load. So, try again another day.



If he’s connected, he should have no problem accessing one of their servers. If he’s not, he wouldn’t be able to post or read replies here.

Personally, I think he screwed up his initial log in and tried to keep going. You’re bound to run into problems trying to keep re-loading the program.

Hopefully, he re-booted and got his answer in the form of a clean system.

He hasn’t replied, so I’ll assume he’s back on-line with Napster.

How long have you left it to load?

Mine has been taking up to 10-15 minutes to load up and connect to a server, but everything is fine once it connects.

So contact Napster.