NAPSTER question

How do I limit the number of TOTAL people downloading from me? I can limit the number of downloads PER USER, yet I don’t see an option to limit the total number of connections. But I often get “Remotely Queued” when I download from other people, which I guess means the maximum number of concurrent downloads has been reached.

I’m still using 2.0 beta 7, but this has been going on since before that version was released.

For the record, all the files I share are uncopyrighted and/or authorized by the copyright holder (i.e. Smashing Pumpkins) – I’m aware that the mods tend to shoot down Napster-related questions faster than PeeWee Herman in a porno factory. :slight_smile:


Ok, considering my track record here…short and sweet:

You can only limit the number of downloads.

“Remotely Queued” means that the person you’re downloading from has set a limit, and you’re waiting in line…

However, I feel that Napster…

hook enters from right and pulls idiotboy offstage

That’s what I don’t understand. How do you set the limit in the first place???


I have not found a way to limit the total number of downloads, but I’m guessing that when you are remotely queued (if you aren’t downloading anything else from that same person) that they have set the number of downloads per person to zero.