Napster Sanity

This is from the website of Jane Siberry, who happens to be, if I were to choose one, my single favorite living musical artist.

[ul]**Siberry View of Napster **
I signed on to Napster. Interesting. Been using it for awhile. Since I have my own record company, the issues raised by the existence of free-downloading are something I need to understand clearly since it will directly affect my ability to fund new music. (ie. one CD sale at $15 buys a partial hour of studio time.)

I loved it, found it extremely useful (see example) and the concept feels so right. It is the way of the future. No going backwards.

I WOULD HAVE PAID SOMEONE FOR THE CONVENIENCE IF I COULD. Then I thought, I’ll send money to musicians anyway, even if they are not the ones whose music I downloaded.

[list]The Siberry Solution for NAPSTER MUSICIAN CARE
I send $2 per tune to:
PO Box 39666
Los Angeles, CA
USA 90039
phone 213-955-7880
(cheques payable to ‘Sweet Relief Foundation’)
Founded by Victoria Williams, their motto is “Music Helps Us Through Our Hard Times. Let’s Help Musicians Through Theirs.”
Focus is on health-related assistance.

($3 for Britney Spears cussing)[/ul]
Example of usefulness to musicians:
I was recording ‘How High The Moon’ for Carlos Del Junco’s new recording and wanted to research other versions. Went to Napster, downloaded 20. Alternative would have been to search records stores for (often rare, unfindable) versions and pay full price for a CD when I just wanted one song. Time and money.

And I found songs of mine that I hadn’t heard before (collaborations).

I also sent some ‘Siberry-approved’ rarity versions out through Napster that I wanted people to hear.

Although I think everyone understands the value of entrusting the artist to gather songs into a magical ‘whole’, the one song at-a-time concept has a welcome place for both ends of the horn.
This strikes me as about the sanest thing I’ve ever read on the subject. Any comment?

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Just thought it might be relevant in here.