NASA scientist discovers missing day

There are various ULs about someone in NASA
discovering a missing day with various biblical
explanations. I think this legend orginates from
Magellan’s first circumnavigation of the globe
nearly 500 years ago. When they finished
the journey three years later their logbook
indicated that they were missing a whole day.
That’s because there was no International Dateline
to take into account they missed a rotation of
the Earth.

Try looking here. Snopes is great, innit?

The above is what we refer to around here as a simulpost.

A simulpost, but neither of you remembered to mention Cecil’s column on this topic –Did scientists discover a “missing day” as predicted in the Bible? For shame! Remember – our Cecil is a jealous Cecil, and you shall have no other reference sources before him (i.e. it is okay to mention supplimentary sources, but only after first referencing Him).

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