NASCAR 1, Marijauna 0...

Well, unfortunately, the great race car driver Dale Earnhardt has died as a result of a final lap crash at the Daytona 500.

Why don’t we just outlaw racing?

If you look at the statistics, more people (as a percentage of participants) die in this activity (auto racing), than ever did, or will, smoking marijuana (unless shot by cops or other dealers).

If you want to drive 180 mph plus in proximity to others trying to beat you out, that’s OK, but if you want to get high innocently in your own home, that’s not OK?

If anyone as a cogent argument regarding this iniquity, I’d like to hear it…

This has got to be one of the tackiest and most disgusting comparisons I’ve ever seen on these boards.

Go away, idiot.

Are you making a point here? Cause I don’t see one.

and of course, that was in response to Origato and not Coldfire

Of course, racing cars and smoking things are EXACTLY ALIKE.


If it makes you feel better, I could have compared it to the fact that the only three states that allow cockfighting (Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico) all adjoin Texas (where I live, and it is illegal here, as I feel it should be). They allow this (so called) sport. Are you willing to defend them?

My point is the government cannot ban ALL risky behavior.

As a moderator, I have the right to call an idiot an idiot. Administrators ban people. And it’s highly amusing that you thought of banning, whereas I said nothing of the sort.

Your ludicrous analogies aside, can’t you see that the comparison you’re making here is, to say the least, extremely insensitive given the fact that Earnhardt crashed just this afternoon?

This idiot isn’t making any sense.

NASCAR, marijuana and cockfights. Let’s see if we can find the three most dissimilar activities.

Roll up another doobie, eat some more Cheetos, and go back to sleep on your mom’s couch.


how many people have been killed Bull Riding? and no one seems to care about that. I wasnt a dale Earnhardt fan, in fact, I disliked the guy, but right now Im balling like an ass because he died. NASCAR is a great sport, its like one huge family, and I dont see where you come off compairing it to POT of all things. what does hundreds of guys prepairing a car to race every weekend at over 180 mph have to do with pot? I just dont understand it. my god, there just arent enough words to say how friggin stupid you are.
anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with Dale Earnhardt’s family. You will be missed tremendously Dale.

Gee Coldie, aren’t you glad Origato was considerate enough to inform you of your rights? :rolleyes:

So if I wait a few few days you think it will be any easier on his fimily? Unlike the guy who was murdered by the cops in Houston a couple of years ago by mistaken identity, as an alleged drug dealer?

personally, I didn’t find offense in you mentioning Earnheart. Yeah it’s tasteless, but not nearly as bad as some other stuff. And people have the right to be tasteless assholes.

But my god man. This has got to be the weakest pit rant I’ve seen in a long long time. WTF? Go back to MPSIMS.

I’m confused.

I don’t know how many times Ive sat down to watch a nascar race only to discover halfway through that what i thought was auto racing was actual marijuana!

On the other hand, at least twice Ive THOUGHT I was rolling a joint - but it was my race car… no wonder I was having such trouble picking it up and lighting it.

And don’t even mention the cockfights. It’s really hell when you accidentally light up a cock.

If you try this again later, your timing may be interpreted as less tasteless - although maybe not by much. But it will still be a comparison that makes no sense whatsoever.

Origato, I don’t think you’ve got a valid analogy there, but setting that aside for the moment, pro-level racers are fully aware of the risks involved, and choose to accept those risks as part of the game.

Despite his reputation for ham-handed tactics on the track (mostly from early in his career) Earnhardt apparently was well liked and highly respected by the NASCAR community. There will certainly be plenty of soul-searching following his tragic crash. OTOH, you are unlikely to see anyone in NASCAR, including members of his family, suggest that the sport should be banned.

Well, I see Origato’s point. Marijuana is illegal becaused it’s supposed to be dangerous to the user, yet other activites that are clearly more dangerous are not banned.

Seems like a simple point, I’m not sure why everybody is jumping all over him. Is it a BBQ Pit reflex or something?

There is no activity in life without its risks. I just don’t want the government to say what that may be.

If it is jumping out of a plane, rafting the Colorado, or washing my car, I don’t need your help or advice. I will take my own risks and suffer the consequences.

Anyone want to take a bet on whether Mrs. Earnhardt will try to sue someone over this wrongful death?

She’s already thinking about it, I guarantee.

Someone’s got to say it:

Origato, you are a fucking asshole.

“[W]rongful death?” Are you also an idiot? Piss off, get bent and go away.

Glad to see that you can also read minds…