NASCAR in Eastern Oregon!?!?!

I was talking to my folks last night. They live in Eastern Oregon (Heppner to be exact) and they said that someone is building a HUGE race track near Boardman (see map:,+OR&slt=45.840019&sln=-119.700111&name=&zip=&country=us&&BFKey=&BFCat=&BFClient=&mag=3&desc=&cs=8&newmag=7&poititle=&poi=&ds=g )

The best my dad could figure, the track is going to be a NASCAR track. There are lots of rednecks out there!

Anyone heard any buzz on this?

I hadn’t heard any buzz about it (probably because it’s not being built by either of the major track owners in NASCAR), but a search on Google turns up quite a bit, including this page on NASCAR rumor mill Jayski’s, and the track-building company’s site.