Nasty habits?

This has perplexed me for years. A Rolling Stones song called “Live with Me” starts out, “I got nasty habits / I take tea at three . . .”

Okay, it goes on to shooting water rats and things like that. But what on earth is wrong with taking tea at three? It should be . . . earlier? Later? You should drink it instead of taking it? By “tea” he means weed? (In which case that seems a bit late.) Sorry I’m such a philistine, I just don’t know.

That and the subject of this thread have mystified me for decades. Damn those Brits.

Tea is traditionally taken at four o’clock. Now, only the snootiest of the snooty pay strict attention to such a rule, so this is an example of Sir Mick’s arch sardonicism at work. I bet he’s so evil he doesn’t even stick his pinky out when he lifts his cup!

…Nah. Even Mick Jagger wouldn’t be so boorish.