Nat. Lampoon's Xmas Vacation: Julia Louise Dreyfus-Whoa!

I have to say that JL Dreyfus, in the aforementioned movie, does strange things to my hormones. Whoa! Killer Babe! Ultra!
That’s about it.


She is a delightful little package. Always has been.

Haven’t seen it, although I’m a JLD fan. Anyone have a YouTube clip of the relevant scene?

I think it’s by far the best “Vacation” movie, I wish they’d have all day marathons of it instead of “The Christmas Story” .

Todd: Hey Griswold. Where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?
Clark: Bend over and I’ll show you.
Todd: You’ve got a lot of nerve talking to me like that Griswold.
Clark: I wasn’t talking to you.

Wait a minute. Was JL Dreyfus in that movie?

Or do you mean Juliette Lewis or maybe Bev D’Angelo? Or am I wrong?:confused:

JLD was the neighbor’s wife.

Look at # 19 in JLD’s filmography in your link.

Cool. Need to watch it again.

She’s rather fetching in it, I must say.

I like JLD, too. Did you catch her on Letterman last night?

I have always wanted to see her on a talk show, and see what she’s like, without her script. If I had known that she was on, I’d have defintely watched, but sadly, didn’t know she was on the talk show circuit. Is she promoting anything other than Old Christine?


Screw JLD. Beverly Deangelo was SMOKING hot in that movie. She was SUPER hot. BIGTIME. She really fell off as she aged. Too bad.

Yes please.

She was astonishingly hot in the moronic film Troll

Margo and Todd.

“And WHY is there WATER on the CARPET, Todd?!”

“I don’t KNOW, Margo!”

I saw this recently too, and had completely forgotten about that late 80’s fad with the aluminum foil looking sweatsuit things. Hilarious.

Also, Russ was Johnny Galecki.

If by “her” you mean “her boobs”, yeah. :slight_smile:

I don’t really recall her promoting anything. She was animated and entertaining though. Told a funny story about applying for Wellesley. She had been in all girls schools in grades 3 thru 12 and didn’t really want to go to Wellesley but applied at her Father’s insistence and was “unfortunately” rejected. She did look nice in a tight, mid-knee dress with boobage and leggage. Just as she sat down Big Dave looked like he was going to pounce! Sort of an awkward nanosecond and she had the first word. You could actually see DL’s leg doing the horny dance. I’m not kidding. That guy’s got problems. :slight_smile: