Elaine Benes Nip Slip

Ok, here goes…

Years ago I saw National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, with Julia Louis Dreyfus, in the theater.

In the scene where Clark Grizzwald cuts down a tree in his front yard that winds up crashing through his neighbor’s bedroom window, Ms. Dreyfus leaps out of bed and very briefly her nipple could be clearly seen as her silk pajama top parted.

Now, flash forward years later to Seinfeld, where she has an adventure with Kramer taking her pic for her Christmas card, and the legendary nip slip occurs.

Currently, all versions of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation have the aforementioned frames edited out, so that Ms. Dreyfus’ exposure no longer exists.

Was there a connection between these two events, or has my imagination just run away from me? Was the nip slip in Seinfeld an infinitely subtle reference to Ms. Dreyfus’ adventures in Christmas Vacation?

Thanks for any responses,